Sage X3 Technology and Architecture Overview

The Next Generation Business Management Solution

The consumerization of IT—where individual employees exert control over the choice of the technology used within their business—continues to drive enterprise software strategies. This change is not new.

For years, many employees have elected to use their own devices and applications to increase personal productivity, at the office or on the road. Closed networks and technology environments are no longer the norm, and business management solutions can no longer isolate users in administrative functions, ignoring the need for a more open front office. They must be flexible, extendable, and designed for collaboration between front and back office users.

Also, Cloud is increasingly becoming the preferred deployment option for business applications. Beyond simplifying access to data across devices and locations, Cloud solutions are also more cost effective and scalable; providing midsize enterprises with a highly redundant and secured architecture without the need to manage a complex infrastructure, software integrations, security, application updates and upgrades.

These profound evolutions of the technology landscape have shaped the new design of the Sage X3 technology and architecture. It offers a robust Cloud and mobile platform for businesses to tap into the full potential of new applications and services, and helps them achieve the digital transformation necessary to compete and grow on a global scale.

Designed for the Cloud first and foremost, Sage X3 technology also recognizes the need to support pragmatic evolutions and changes in today’s IT strategies. So, the platform powering Sage X3’s applications may be deployed in a variety of environment: as a service, in a Sage-managed infrastructure on the world-class Amazon Web Services platform, on customers’ own infrastructure on-premises, or in a private Cloud environment of their choice.

Lastly and most critically is the users’ access to data. User-centric, collaborative, participative, and social, Sage X3 technology and architecture harnesses new capabilities to help businesses drive process efficiency, improve productivity, increase customer satisfaction, and support better decision making. It offers a web-user experience based on a range of new technology components that are recognized as best in class, industry leading and forward-looking choices for multi-browser and mobile usage, speed search, web service development, and document management.

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