Sage X3 Purchase Invoice Automation

Use intelligent Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to capture data from supplier invoices and automate entry and filing in the Sage X3 Electronic Document Management (EDM) solution. Most businesses continue to receive a substantial quantity of paper invoices. The Sage X3 Purchase Invoice Automation solution saves time and reduces errors in your Accounts Payable function by automating the way you process paper and Adobe PDF invoices.

This time-saving application scans incoming paper invoices and credit notes using the Sage X3 EDM solution. It then processes the documents using smart OCR technology to identify the sender and match to a supplier in Sage X3. The system “learns” invoice formats on the fly and stores them for even faster processing in future. Invoices relating to purchase orders are matched to goods receipts to dramatically speed up the allocation process in Sage X3.

Data extracted from invoices and credit notes is validated against Sage X3 and analyzed for consistency. The operator can check and correct all data before transactions are created in Sage X3. Once you accept an invoice, a web service updates Sage X3, and the document image is automatically attached to the transaction within Sage X3.

When suppliers send their invoices in Adobe PDF format, there is no need to print and scan the documents. The Adobe PDF format is automatically picked up from a shared folder and processed in an identical fashion to scanned paper invoices.

The EDM solution stores all documents securely in the database and links them to the relevant transactions and business partners. You can also opt to scan suppliers’ delivery notes, certificates, and other supporting documents with the invoices or separately using the standard EDM solution


Increase Productivity

  • Use industry-leading OCR technology to save time on data entry
  • Facilitate centralized AP processing for economies of scale
  • Capture invoices and credit notes earlier

Improve Cost Savings

  • Scan invoices on receipt and transmit electronically; save on internal postage
  • Eliminate photocopying for query resolution; use less stationery
  • Handle queries through email


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