EZeCabinet for Sage 100 and Sage 500

EZeCabinet for Sage 100 and Sage 500 ERP

About $14,000 worth of productivity is lost per worker per year due to their inability to find the data they require to do their job.

Why spend the time and associated costs manually filing and retrieving paper documents, when your organization can boost efficiency and reduce costs through electronic document storage and retrieval?

Employees can locate the right information, within seconds, to increase productivity, and dramatically cut customer response time.


Companies Typically Misfile up to 20 Percent of Their Records – Thus Losing Them Forever.

Easy for Users, Powerful for Administrators
Capture, Organize and Manage your Information with EZeCabinet


Button-Based Access Right from Sage ERP, Easy-To-Use

No need to open another application when you can easily access the functionality of EZeCabinet directly from Sage Screens (for example, we’ll add these buttons to your AP Invoice screen, Vendor Master screen, Customer Master screens and any of your other Sage screens).


Powerful Index-Based or "Google-like" Search

Instantly search & retrieve business documents and related information whether in Sage ERP, throughout the enterprise and beyond with ACOM’s Secure Web Browser Access.


Intelligent Linking

Search for specific information and you’re automatically linked to all of the related documents. Increase employee productivity and cut customer response in half.


Communicate and Collaborate

Share documents & information with employees, partners, vendors and customers, always in the latest version… and without requiring ERP access.


Capture All of Your Business Information

Electronic or paper information, video, audio or any file type from anywhere across the enterprise. Scan and import documents and images directly into the solution from anywhere on your network or beyond.


Complete Control

Manage who has access to what information and what they can do with it… individually and right down to the document level. Intuitive and easy to learn; completely configurable means no dependence on IT for system changes.


Compliance Ready

Features, control and audit trail functionality to support legal, regulatory and industry requirements – know where, who, and how a document was read, downloaded or changed… manage with all documents in their native file formats. Manage where and how long you retain information to comply with government and legal mandates.


Fully Featured and Implemented in Just One Day

EZeCabinet comes complete with 5 concurrent users (expandable to 15), implementation and training. In just a day, you’re fully operational.


Features of ACOM’s EZeCabinet

  • Concurrent Users Completely Configurable – 5 included (15 max)
  • Integrated with Sage Screen Button Access
  • Secure Electronic Storage & Retrieval
  • Electronic and Paper Capture/Store in Original File Format
  • Intelligent Linking of Documents, Files and Information
  • Collaboration Share Calendars, Forums, Chats
  • Check-in/Check-out Version Control
  • Document Mark-up Annotation and Preview
  • Secure ACOM Web Browser Access
  • Expandable to include Enterprise-wide Users
  • Administration Control, Audit and Reporting
  • Compliance Ready Feature/Functionality


Questions about EZeCabinet Document Management?