What is Solver BI360?

BI360 is a complete Business Intelligence (BI) and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) suite with Reporting, Budgeting, Data Warehouse, and Dashboard modules. Modules like BI360 Reporting can also be purchased stand-alone.

BI360 empowers all business users with self-service analytics, critical to fast and efficient decision making.

Faster, Better Decisions Drive Performance

BI360 with its complete, modern web interface will give your organization the ideal enterprise business intelligence platform for better and fast decision-making for everything from strategy, forecasts, budgets, reports and analysis, using comments and automated email updates so that everyone can collaborate seamlessly and stay in the loop. On-premise or in the cloud, that’s your choice.

Pre-built ERP Integrations

BI360 can integrate to virtually any system through its SQL Server Data Warehouse as well as its cloud platform. BI360 also has pre-built, LIVE integrations and cloud integrations to many popular ERPs such as:

  • Acumatica Cloud ERP
  • Sage 100
  • Sage 500
  • Sage X3

Solver BI360 Overview Demonstration

BI360 Modules

Reporting Module

Offers both reporting and consolidations, and can be both live on the ERP system, as well as run on the BI360 Data Warehouse and in the cloud. Excel, Web and Mobile interfaces are available.

Planning Module

Offers a very flexible and powerful budgeting and forecasting capability where input forms are designed in Excel and users can enter data through Excel or the Web. It typically uses the BI360 Data Warehouse or BI360 Cloud for storing budget/forecast but can also transfer data back to the ERP’s budget tables.

Dashboards Module

Web-based (same portal as web reporting/budgeting), both for designers and end-users.

Data Warehouse Module

Provides the Budget Database, but can also serve as an Enterprise Data Warehouse based on Microsoft SQL Server or SQL Azure (BI360 Cloud). The Data Warehouse can be expanded to include data from virtually any of your existing data sources, such as: Payroll; Statistical data sources, and other Operational systems. It also offers pre-built connectors to cloud data sources like: Salesforce, Intacct, Acumatica, and NetSuite. It integrates directly and out-of-the box with the BI360 Reporting, Planning and Dashboard modules, as well as 3rd party tools such as Power BI, Tableau, etc. that support the SQL Server platform.

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