Sage HRMS (Human Resources Management Software) helps your HR department work closely with your management team and each individual employee to encourage workers and drive company productivity like never before.

As it’s core, Sage HRMS is a single source for workforce management, but its many connected solutions help you automate and streamline administrative work for important tasks in recruitment, employee onboarding, training, attendance management, benefits processing, payroll, and more. HRMS also provides over 100 standard reports, delivering critical insight into your employee performance and HR processes.

Worried about compliance? Sage HRMS makes compliance tracking and reporting easier, whether you need data on OSHA, ACA, or EEO; HIPAA or COBRA; FMLA; U.S. or Canadian tax reporting; and many other complex, regulated processes.

HR professionals can spend up to 50% of their time completing administrative tasks, but with software that securely takes care of paperwork, your HR department will finally have the time to focus on building your company’s top asset: your staff.

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Key Benefits of Sage HRMS


Save Time and Reduce Errors

Your day goes faster with an integrated program that ends the cycle of flipping back and forth between open program windows, and one-time data entry reduces embarrassing errors that may alienate your employees.


Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Dedicated employees make your business stand out when they make a quality product and deliver great customer service. Supporting your people with great HRMS software keeps them working hard for you.


Do More as You Grow

With integrated solutions for payroll, paperless benefits enrollment, remote time tracking, workplace training, and more, Sage HRMS can offer you the solutions you need as your company evolves.


Work the Way You Want

You know the habits and workflows that make you most efficient, so a program that empowers you to customize your views, actions, processes, reports, and toolbars will help you maintain your productivity – without a lengthy learning curve.

What People Are Saying About Sage HRMS

“There’s no more redundant data entry. We are capturing, tracking, and maintaining all employee lifecycle data from a single point of entry.”

Mary Ellen Hammond

Vice President of Finance, DavCo Restaurants, LLC

“There are other HRMS options available, but most come with a high price tag and prohibitive ongoing fees. Sage HRMS is the best mid-market solution available.”

Rita Wilson Harris

Director of Human Resources, GreenbergFarrow

“We’ve automated previously manual, time-consuming tasks, allowing us to focus our time and attention on hiring the best applicants for each position.”

Penny Anderson

Director of Personnel, Texas Farm Bureau

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