Extended Solutions and Enhancements for Sage 100


Sage 100 is one of the most flexible ERP systems on the market today.

Extended Solutions and Enhancements for Sage 100 by ISM make Sage 100 even more powerful by providing industry-specific features and ensuring Sage 100 works exactly the way you need it to work.

To find the exact Extended Solution or Enhancement for Sage 100 you’re looking for, select the Sage 100 module from the tabs below.

AP-1006 • Cash Basis Accounting and History Posting

Provides the ability to operate a cash basis accounting system; which means that posting to the General Ledger module occurs only when an Accounts Payable check is generated. ** This Extended Solution is currently not compatible with the Credit Card Vendor ‘Transfer’ function.

AP-1020 • Custom Comment Posting to Job Cost

Allows you to determine the contents of the posting comment to the Job Cost transaction detail file.

AP-1027 • MultiCompany Accounts Payable

Adds the concept of multiple Subsidiary companies for a single Agent company. You can perform Invoicing, Manual Check Entry, Invoice Payment selection, and G/L postings to Subsidiary companies concurrently with the Agent company. The Check History, Monthly Purchase, and Purchase Analysis Reports have been enhanced to report on Subsidiary company activity

AP-1058 • AP Security by Division

Adds security by Division to specific locations in Accounts Payable, Purchase Order and Inventory. Users without clearance will not be allowed to enter Division Codes in specific Reports, Inquiries and Data Entry Screens. You may choose if users should be included or excluded in the Setup for this Extended Solution.

AP-1076 • Retain Paid Invoices for 9999 Days

Allows the retention of paid invoices for up to 9,999 days.

AP-1085 • Multi-Company Vendor Synchronization

Synchronizes Vendor Maintenance information across multiple companies.

AP-1096 • Rapid Manual Entry for Multiple Companies

Allows fast manual check entry for multiple companies in one place.

AP-1102 • Automatic Next Vendor Number

Creates an Automatic Next Vendor Number option in Accounts Payable Vendor Maintenance, Accounts Payable Invoice Data Entry and Accounts Payable Manual Check Entry.

AP-6003 • Integrated Payables File Export for Wachovia – Preferred Payment Method Formats

AP-6005 • VI Log Written to Data Table with Purge 

AP-6007 • VI Perform Logic to Check for Existing AP Vendor/Invoice Combination

AP-6009 • Folio Parsing – AP Invoice & PO ROI


AR-0156 • Perform Logic for Removing the PIPE for VI Import

AR-1034 • Cash Basis AR – SO

Enables these modules to operate on a ‘Cash’ basis. General Ledger postings, normally occurring when the Sales Journal is updated, are delayed until the payment is applied either through Cash Receipts or customer deposits. Reports are included to list what postings will be made to revenue for all open invoices, and an additional Monthly Cash Receipts Report has been added to detail the G/L impact of all cash received during the month. Available in 4.10.

AR-1049 • Enhanced Salesperson Commissions Report

Adds a number of new options to the Salesperson Commission Report.

AR-1068 • A/R National Accounts

Allows a Bill To Master Customer for each A/R Customer. Additionally, if you are using divisions in A/R, you can specify one A/R division as a ‘Bill To’ division and one as a ‘Sold To’ division.

AR-1115 • Enhanced Credit Checking

Modifies the credit checking process in Accounts Receivable Invoice Entry, Sales Order Entry, Sales Order Invoice Entry, RMA Entry and RMA Receipts Entry. Two new Module Options have been added: ‘Allow Credit Terms Override’ and ‘Allow Credit Hold Override’. The existing Module Option to ‘Allow Credit Limit Override’ will now check only the status of the credit limit. This Extended Solution also adds a log file to track which orders/invoices have experienced Credit Hold, Credit Limit, or Credit Terms overrides as well as recording who performed the override.

AR-1152 • Accounts Receivable Security by Division

Adds security by Division to specific locations in Sales Order and Accounts Receivable. Users without clearance will not be allowed to enter Division Codes in specific Reports, Data Entry, and Inquiry Screens. You can choose which users should be included or excluded in the Setup for this Extended Solution.

AR-1216 • Invoice History Collections Notations

Adds ability to add notations to A/R Invoice History Invoices.

AR-6009 • Multi-Terms Invoice Creation

AR-6013 • SpaceMaster Imports 

AR-6015 • Cash Receipt Import with GL

AR-6016 • Client Maintenance Enhancements to Require BILL-TO / SOLD-TO

AR-6017 • New Customer Terms Code Default and Ship-To Default to Avatax & Copy Customer Exemption Numbers

AR-6018 • Default Print Option for PDF in AR Forms & SO Forms

AR-6019 • Bulk Invoice / Email Paperless System

AR-6021 • Label Pre-Process with Control Sequencing

AR-6022 • AR Invoice Import with Misc. Charge from the Import Header 

AR-6025 • AR Security by Division – Override of AR-1152 functionality  (requires AR-1152)

AR-6027 • AR Cash Receipt Update to Reduce Commission Values

AR-6028 • AR – SO Address Expansion to 50 Characters

AR-6029 • Payment Type by Warehouse Code

AR-6030 • Cash Receipt Import  

AR-6031 • Cash Receipts Customer Discount Matrix

AR-6032 • AR Cash Basis Sales Tax Reporting (previously AR0005-WBX)

AR-6033 • Cash Receipts with Payment Comment

AR-6034 • AR Customer Address Google 

AR-6035 • Address Expansion to 35

AR-6036 • Alias Removal & Alias Default for Copy

AR-6037 • Credit Groups

AR-6039 • AR Invoice History Export for Tungsten

AR-6400 • Vault – ProCharge

AR-7026 • Memo Attachment Overlay

BC-6001 • Bar Code import for Sales Orders / Invoices Customized for Header Comment

BC-6002 • BC Import for BM Production Entry to Summarize Top Bill Quantity

BM-0023 • Component Requirement Report w/Quantity on PO & QOH

BM-0024 • BOM Gross Component Requirement Report

BM-0033 • Gross Requirements Report – Add Bin Location

BM-0037 • BOM Price Sheet with BOM Levels

BM-0042 • Component Requirements Export with Summarized Items / Qty on PO / Qty on WO – only 001 & Integrated BM-1042

BM-6001 • Production Entry SHORT Component Display

BM-6003 • BOM Report – Clone of Costed BOM with Custom Columns

BM-6004 • Component Requirement Report w/Lead & Quantity Fields

BM-6005 • Stock Component Requirement Report – Fixed Sage Issue

BM-6007 • Average Cost By Warehouse Options in the Costed BOM Report (formerly BM-1029)

BM-6008 • PO BOM Kit Explosion and Top Level Removed

BM-6010 • BM 35 Option Categories (formerly BM-1042)

BM-6012 • BM Production Entry with User Defined Serial Numbers

BM-6013 • Gross Component Requirement Report with Sub-bill

BM-6014 • Bill of Material Production Entry with Serial # Assignment to Top Level Item from Components

BM-6015 • Bill of Materials Disassembly Process

BR-6001 • BR Expanded Check Number to 10

BR-6002 • Expanded Bank Code to 3 Digits

BR-6003 • Bank Reconciliation for Cash Deposit

CM-1001 • Enhanced Custom Office User Defined Fields

Enhances the Custom Office module by adding the ability to specify a User Defined Field as one of the following standard MAS 90 / MAS 200 / Sage 100 data field types:

  • A/R Customer Number
  • A/P Vendor Number
  • G/L Account Number
  • Sales Order Number
  • Item Number
  • Sequence Number
  • Unique Sequence Number

You can also password-protect a UDF.

IT-1024 • EBM integration with Purchase Control Maintenance

Integrates SO-1271: Authorized Purchase Control by Customer into the e-Business Manager module.

IT-1037 • Item Pricing by Total Quantity (merge IM-6025)

Integrates SO-1173: Item Pricing By Total Quantity with e-Business Manager for .order and .store applets. SO-1173: Item Pricing By Total Quantity must be installed and enabled for this Extended Solution to function. And it only supports the Item Pricing Method: Category Code Total Quantity.

IT-6013 • eBusiness Addition of Price Level to Quick Order and Shopping Cart

IT-6014 • Product Ranking for Products and Services Display Screen of eBusiness

IT-6016 • eBM Defaults for Customer PO – SO defaults FOB

IT-6019 • eBM to Default eBM User Email and Allow It to Be Edited and Flow to SO

IT-6021 • IW Products Listing Based on IT Category

IT-6022 • eBusiness Category Security BTB with Category Default by eBM User

GL-0004 • Pencil Post Erase 

GL-1026 • Multi-Company Daily Transaction Register Update

Allows you to print and update a Daily Transaction Register (DTR) for multiple companies at the same time. Additional functionality is available if you have Sage Software Extended Solution LM-1018: Paperless Office: Journals and Registers installed and enabled.

GL-1034 • Multiple Company General Journal Entry

Adds the ability to specify a Company Code as part of the General Journal distribution line entry. Upon finishing General Journal line entry, debits and credits are checked for each company. An error message is presented if any company is out of balance. General Journal update will make postings to the appropriate company.

GL-1042 • Multi-Company General Ledger Detail Report

Adds the ability to print the General Ledger Detail Report for Multiple Companies using the same sort and selection criteria.

GL-1043 • Billion Dollar Support

GL-1046 • Secondary Company Posting of GL Detail

Adds the ability to specify a Secondary Company Code for G/L Detail Posting. During the update of any transaction to the GL Detail Posting file, the G/L transaction detail data of the originating company will post in its entirety to the G/L Daily Posting file of the specified Secondary Company Code.

GL-1054 • Multi-Company General Ledger Account Synchronization

Synchronizes GL Account information across multiple companies.

GL-1056 • “Due-To” / “Due-From” Account Support of GL-1034

Add additional posting functionality to GL-1034. Multiple Company General Journal Entry. Additional General Ledger entries will be created to offsetting Due To and Due From accounts and a new Company Code Offset Account Maintenance program.

GL-1057 • Multiple Company Transaction Journal Entry

Add the ability to specify a Company Code as part of the Transaction Journal distribution line entry. Upon Journal update. offset account postings will be made to the specified Agent Debit account and to the specified Subsidiary Companies Credit account.

GL-1058 • Multiple Company Recurring Journal Entry

Allows multi-company recurring journal entry in one company and adds the ability to specify a Company Code as part of the General Journal distribution line entry.

GL-1059 • Multiple Company Allocation Journal Entry

Adds a company code to each line during Allocation Maintenance. GL-1034, Multiple Company General Journal Entry is required.

GL-1061 • Multi-Company Bank Reconciliation Integration General Journal

Allows you to associate Bank Codes with specific General Ledger Account Numbers by Source Journal. When that Source Journal is referenced in General Journal update then it will post each line’s transaction amount to the Bank Code associated with that account as a ‘Deposit’ type Bank Reconciliation transaction.

GL-6001 Weekly Financial Statement – Income Statement

IM-0071 • Customer Price List

IM-0105 • Inventory Transfer System 

IM-0118 • Automatic Cost / Price Change with Percent of Increase – 4 Decimals

IM-1038 • Alternate Unit Of Measure

Adds an Alternate Unit of Measure (AUM), and Alternate Unit of Measure Factor (AUMF) to Product Line Maintenance and Item Maintenance.

IM-1049 • Vendor Rebate

Allows Vendor Rebates to be set up and maintained for Item Number/Customer combinations. A report can be generated that reflects rebate information and totals by Invoice.

IM-1208 • Customer Price Record Copy Utility

IM-1212 • Item Pricing by Customer / Ship-To / Warehouse

Adds a new Item Pricing option: by Customer / Ship-To Code / Warehouse.

IM-6001 • Perform Logic for IMWVIP to Import Physical Count with Alias Look-Up for Items

IM-6002 • Standard Cost by Warehouse for Sales Order & Sales Invoicing

IM-6010 • Additional Pricing Methods in Item Pricing

IM-6012 • Security by Warehouse 

IM-6015 • Master Oder for IM Maint & Inquiry Quantity Display

IM-6016 • Average Cost & Total Inventory Value Unlocked for VI Importing 

IM-6017 • Credit Account by Line in I/M Transaction Receipts (rewrite of Extended Solution IM-1211)

IM-6019 • Standard Cost Utility with Verification & Error Log

IM-6021 • Contract Pricing by Valid Date (formerly IM-1069)

IM-6022 • Item Cost Detail UDF Editing (udf_binnumber)

IM-6025 • Item Price Code with Decimals – Vendor Pricing with Decimals

IM-6026 • Always Taxable – Item Designation

IM-6030 • Last Cost by Warehouse (rewrite of IM-1060) and IM Transfers with Additional Costs (rewrite of IM-1226)

)IM-6032 • Extended Item Information Posting to Job Cost (rewrite of IM-1090)

IM-6034 • Physical Count by Ticket Number (formerly IM-1119)

IM-6035 • Item Customer Purchase

IM-6036 • Promise / Requirement Date Accumulation by Item / Tier1

IM-6037 • IM Inventory Transfer across Company

JC-0052 • Purchase Order (PO) Additional Data Interface to Job Cost

JC-0053 • Job Cost Estimate Cost Totalling

JC-0061 • Payroll Import to Job Cost – Visual Integrator (VI)

JC-0062 • Job Cost Update Estimate to Job Enhancement – Attach Job # to Estimate – Summary File

JC-0063 • Job Cost Update Item Pricing Description from Inventory Management (IM) to Estimate

JC-0064 • Job Cost Estimate Printing – Item Pricing Summary with Price – Delivery Ticket – Shipment Report

JC-0065 • Job Cost Billing Entry FIND for Inventory Management (IM) Desc / Sales Tax Calc / Update Posting to COGs and WIP

JC-0066 • Job Cost Estimate Tracking Compare Report and Rebuild Utility

JC-0071 • Batch Processing for Job Posting Entry and Batch Entry

JC-1007 • Revenue Posting by Cost Code / Cost Type 

Changes the way job revenue is posted to General Ledger. Normally the revenue and deferred revenue accounts are specified by Job Type; all revenue from a job will post to these accounts. This Extended Solution allows revenue to be posted and tracked according to the Cost Code and Cost Type which generated the revenue.

JC-1009 • Full Item Descriptions

Allows the full description of inventory items to print on the Billing Selection Register, Job Transaction Detail Report and Job Invoices. The full descriptions are issued to a job from Inventory or received to a job from Purchase Order. Sage Extended Solutions IM-1090: Extended Item Information Posting to Job Cost and/or PO-1044: Custom Comment Post to Job Cost must be installed and enabled in order for this Extended Solution to function.

JC-1065 • Factory Norms by Cost Code

JC-1130 • Enhanced Job Copy Function  

JC-1138 • WIP Account by Cost Code 

JC-6003 • Purchase Order (PO) Posting in Summary to Job Cost

JC-6004 • Cash Expectations Based on Job Cost

LM-1033 • Enhanced Faxing for Paperless Office

LM-6001 • Decimal Precision Expanded

Replaces Extended Solutions BM-1005, BM-1078, IM-1114, IM-1115, PO-1085, WO-1015, and WO-1016.

LM-6003 • Extended Decimal Precision for IM / SO Unit Price

PR-0050 • State Unemployee – Alabama

PR-0075 • Earnings Codes with 18 Additional Pay Rates

PR-0077 • Kronos VI (Visual Integrator) Perform Logic for Rounding Issues with PR Import

PR-0094 • Payroll Merge Utility for Multiple Companies

PR-0101 • Payroll Accrual Year-End Reset Flag

PR-1028 • Employer Contributions by Department and Voucher Printing

This Extended Solution to the standard MAS 90 MAS 200 Sage 100 Payroll module has the following options: :

  • Allows the expense portion of Employer Contributions to be posted by department to a specific general ledger account number.
  • Allows the user to substitute a segment into the Employer Contribution Deduction Code’s general ledger account number by department.
  • All employer contributions may be printed on an employee’s check in the Deduction column. The contribution amount will not be added into the ‘Total’ deduction amounts.

PR-1030 • Employer Taxes (Actual) Posted to Job Cost

Allows the Employer portion of Payroll taxes (including FICA, Unemployment, Medicare and Workman’s Compensation) to be posted to the Job Cost module. The Job Labor Distribution Report has been enhanced to report the tax amounts. Taxes are summarized by Job Number/Cost Code/Employee Number/Earnings Code. A Set-Up option is available to post the taxes to the G/L Accounts set up in Job Cost. Refer to the Operations section of this manual for explanations of the tax calculation methods.

PR-1031 • Payroll Data Entry Import Utility 

Adds a utility designed to import data into the Data Entry cycle of MAS 90 MAS 200 Payroll from a variety of ASCII file formats.

PR-1037 • Consolidated Posting to Job Cost

Allows Wage Expense postings to the Daily Job Transaction Register to be consolidated by Job Number/Cost Code/Employee Number or by Job Number/Cost Code.

PR-1042 • Prevailing Wage Rate by Labor Code

Adds the ability to set up and maintain Prevailing Wage Rates for specific Labor Codes and Job Numbers. The new Wage Rates will be used during TimeCard and Payroll Data Entry.

PR-1051 • Employee / Department Allocation

Adds the ability to allocate an employee’s earnings over different departments. The allocation may be by employee, department or both. When calculating taxes, the employee’s posted department will be scanned for allocations to other departments then allocated as required. Allocations by employee occur before allocations by department. A new Payroll Distribution Report has been added to the Payroll Reports menu.

PR-1055 • Deduction Calculation for Pension Plans

PR-1068 • Additional Check Printing Sort Options

Adds the ability to print Payroll checks and direct deposit stubs in Employee Sort Field or Department/Employee Name order.

PR-1090 • Multiple Concurrent Local Taxes

Allows you to keep track of concurrent multiple local income taxes for a given employee.

PR-1128 • New Mexico Department of Labor (DOL) 903 Export

PR-1134 • Overtime Calculation by Earnings Code – with Recalculate Deductions

PR-6001 • Payroll Medical Billing Interface – StaffPack

PR-6003 • Department Accruals for Withholding & Government Report with Cafeteria Plan Accumulation

PR-6005 • AreteStaff Interface

PR-6006 • PSD Codes in Tax Table & Employee Wage 

PR-6007 • PR-1090 Add-On for 4th Local Tax 

PR-6300 • State Quarterly Reporting – All States

PO-0001 • Purchase Order Default Cost Type

PO-0064 • Job Cost (JC) / Cost Code / Cost Type fields on Return of Goods (ROG) Line Entry Screen

PO-1020 • Purchase Order Created from Sales Order

Automatically creates Purchase Orders from Sales Order and Sales Order Invoice line items.

PO-1044 • Custom Comment Post to Job Cost

Allows the user to select one of six types of comment postings to the Job Cost transaction detail file. It is designed to be used with Sage Software Extended Solution JC-1005: Vendor Name on Job Cost Transaction Report, JC-1009: Full Item Descriptions, or JC-1044: Project Reports.

PO-1200 • Vendor Discount by Purchase Order Totals

PO-6008 • Purchase Order Lines Removal Utility

PO-6010 • Invoice Creation in Sales Order from Purchase Order Receipts (previously PO-1086)

PO-6014 • PO Lot Assignment PO# + Line Key

PO-6016 • Purchase Order Freight Invoiced

PO-6017 • PO Reorder Report with Exploded Components

PO-6018 • PO Entry Line Item UDF Default from Header  

PO-6019 • Purchase Order Return of Goods (ROG) with Warehouse Change

PO-6020 • PO Return of Goods (ROG) with Invoice Import

PO-6023 • PO Entry with Lot / Distribution 

PO-6024 • Landed Cost Percentage Assignment

RA-6001 • RMA Entry User Name and Custom Formatted Grid 

RA-6002 • RMA Remove Partial Received Capability

SO-0124 • Large Ship Weight Field – Merged with Extended Solution SO-1032

SO-0169 • Quantity and Price Decimal Places

SO-0217 • Automatic Delivery Charge during Sales Order

SO-0226 • Job Cost Estimate to Sales Order Quote Transfer

SO-0313 • Sales Order Accumulation of Linked Work Orders

SO-0318 • Market Code for Sales Order

SO-0344 • SO Work Cards with Total per Tray

SO-0368 • Sales Order Integration with SQL Database & Rep Order Split

SO-0378 • Padlock Tracking Database

SO-0396 • Sales Order Lines in Inventory Extended Cost Totals

SO-1018 • Promise Date by Line Item

This Extended Solution adds additional functionality to the Promise Date field in the lines section of Sales Orders and Sales Order Invoices:

  • You can refresh existing lines with a change to the header Ship Date.
  • The Promise Date is added to the S/O Invoice grid in the same manner as Order Entry.
  • Sales Orders can be sorted by Promise Date or Order Date on the Inquiry tab of Inventory Maintenance and Inventory Inquiry.
  • Picking Sheet selection has been modified with a range of Promise Dates.

SO-1032 • Multiple Customer Deposits on a Sales Order (Requires 20-Digit Customer)

SO-1039 • Sales Order Invoice Payment Terms

SO-1054 • Sales Order / Invoice Line Item Sorting Options

Lines may be sorted by:

  • Item Number
  • Warehouse/Bin Location/Item Number
  • Item Category Code
  • Vendor Number
  • Item Description
  • Product Line/Item Number
  • Item Number/SO Detail UDF

SO-1067 • Sales Order Ship To / Ship Via by Line Item

Adds new fields to Sales Order. S/O Invoice for Ship-To Code and Ship-Via Code for each line item. write Customer Number and Division Number to AR_AO for Crystal reporting and populate existing records with the data fields for Customer Number and Division.

SO-1068 • Kit Explosion to Convert Components to Items – UDF Copying Feature

Changes the way that Kit Items are processed. Additional functionality is available if you have Sage Software Extended Solution SO-1017: S/O Line Print Suppression, or SO-1119: General Ledger Account Number Override by Code installed and enabled.

SO-1073 • Default Warehouse by Customer or by User ID

Allows each User/Group and Customer to have a default warehouse. The default warehouse may be entered in Customer Master File Maintenance or in the Create/Maintain Customer option of Sales Order and Sales Order Invoice entry. The default warehouse will then be used on the Sales Order and Sales Order Invoice header screens.

SO-1099 • “ON DEMAND” Sales Order Fill Report 

Creates a report that allows you to detect which Sales Orders can be filled ‘On Demand,’ automatically select Picking Sheets for printing, calculate and auto-select the number of Shipping Labels needed for each order, create a Master Picking Ticket Report that summarizes the Item Numbers, Descriptions and Total Quantity for all selected orders and generate a ‘batch’ of Sales Order Invoices from the selected Sales Orders.

SO-1121 • Multiple Sales Orders to One Invoice

Enables one Sales Order Invoice to be created containing line items from multiple Sales Orders for the same customer.

SO-1140 • Sales Order Invoice Import Utility

SO-1172 • Component Items Not Resorted During Sales Order Entry

SO-1180 • Picking Sheet Printing for Orders Being Invoiced

SO-1198 • Picking Sheet Printing to Multiple Warehouse Printers

Adds the ability to print Picking Sheets to printers designated by warehouse.

SO-1241 • Invoices with Multiple Due Dates

Allows up to five due dates to be assigned to designated terms codes during S/O Invoice Entry. A percentage of the invoice amount can be designated due for each of the due dates. The program defaults the Due Dates and Percentages for each of the five possible entries from the Terms Code Master File. During the aging process, one invoice balance could fall in up to five different aging categories, depending on the number of tiers used and the age of the invoice.

SO-1324 • Discount from Order Total Within Product Line

SO-1428 • Enhanced Ship Complete for Shipping Data Entry

Adds a “Ship Complete Sales Order” prompt to Shipping Data Entry, when the order type is Standard.

SO-1470 • Sales Order Line Entry Tracking by User

Tracks the User and System Date for the creation and modification of each Sales Order Entry line via Sales Order Line Custom Office UDFs. If the user has Sales Order History enabled then as a line is deleted, it writes those line UDFs plus the information regarding who deleted it and on what date into a new file.

SO-1482 • CenSignal Invoice Format

SO-1510 • Sales Order & Invoice GL Freight Code

Allows the user to override the Freight Account at the Sales Order or Sales Invoice level.

SO-1532 • Sales Order Defaults

SO-6014 • Totals by Carton for Sales Order & Sales Invoicing

SO-6024 • Eclipse Export with Warranty Information

SO-6027 • Freight Allow and Special Pricing

SO-6028 • Sales Order and Purchase Order Warehouse Default to Blank

SO-6034 • EDI Invoice Selection / Edit & Export

SO-6035 • Invoice Move between Batches

SO-6036 • IBM Sales Report

SO-6037 • Alias Processing on Orders / Invoices

SO-6038 • Sales Order Custom Reporting – Commission / Warehouse Label / Washington State

SO-6042 • Sales Order Delete Utility

SO-6048 • Script for AVATAX Tax Schedule Assignment

SO-6049 • SO Pick Sheet with Top Level Kit Item

SO-6051 • Sales Promotion

SO-6052 • Sales Order Facility / Collection / MRO

SO-6053 • Sales Order Terms Code and Required Fields

SO-6054 • Sales Invoice No Backorder

SO-6056 • Sales Order Multiple Order Entry Screen

SO-6057 • Label Partner Enhancement

SO-6058 • Sales Invoice Printing with Customer Sort

SO-6059 • Inventory Misc. Item / Charge Merge

SO-6062 • Picking Sheet Printing with Ship Expire Date Selection 

SO-6063 • Sales Order & Sales Order Invoice Exceeds Quantity Default to BACKORDER ITEM

SO-6064 • Inventory Maintenance Price Code UDF to SO Sales Order Detail

SO-6065 • Sales Order / Invoicing Item Pricing Hierarchy

SO-6066 • Bill of Materials Kit Bill Option & Sales Order Integration

SO-6067 • Sales Order Imports (Done under Barsa)

SO-6068 • SO Auto Generate with Item Selection 

SO-6069 • GrowBucks

SO-6070 • Customer Specific Sales Invoice Number

SO-6073 • SalesOrder Invoice Customer PO Required & Zero Unit Price Warning 

SO-6074 • Sales Invoice Form Pairing

SO-6075 • Sales Order Metal Surcharge

SO-6077 • Autodistribute Lots in Sales Invoicing

SO-6078 • Kit Potential with Extended Message – Promise Date 

SO-6079 • Email for Credit Request 

SO-6080 • UDF_Discount Populated from Authorization Amount on PreAuth CC types

SO-6081 • LabCorp Imports for Customer / National Accounts / Sales Order

SO-6082 • Sales Order Change Lockdown Based on Pick Ticket Checkbox

SO-6084 • Sales Invoice Kit Expansion Only during Sales Journal Updating

SO-6085 • Shipping Data Entry to Starship – Collect Field

SO-6086 • Serial Number System for Manual Entry

SO-6088 • Sales Order / Sales Invoicing Placeholder line balancing

SO-6089 • SO Printing Control Panel -AutoGen Flag – AddressTab-IM Stnd Cost Required

SO-6090 • Sales Order Warehouse Update Utility (PECI)

SO-6091 • Shipping Data Entry with Promise Date

SO-6093 • Board UOM Factor & Extended Description with Board Dimensions

SO-6095 • Sales Order Factoring

SO-6096 • Kit Component – Raw Material Removal Utility

SO-6097 • Rewards Program

SO-6098 • Sales Order Prefix Number Assignment Business Object

SO-6099 • Picking Sheet & Purchase Order Printing Defaults 

SO-6102 • SO Selections for Batch Authorization

SO-6104 • Sales Order & SO Invoice Terms Code 50 Requires Payment Type CC

SO-6105 • Asset Tracking

SO-6106 • Over 21 Flag for Sales Invoice

SO-6107 • Sales Order Line Cost Tax Calculation

SO-6108 • Sales Order JC3 Line Posting

SO-6109 FlexiPay

Allows multiple payments for Sales Order and Sales Order Invoice entry in Sage 100 – this includes Credit Card payments. Get the FlexiPay for Sage 100 manual to learn more or watch the demo below.



SO-6110 • SPA & BILD Rebate System

SO-6111 • Price Level Locking

SO-6124 • FlexiDeposit

The FlexiDeposit solution provides a mechanism to update Sales Order deposits to the appropriate bank code when the funds have been settled. Get the FlexiDeposit for Sage 100 manual to learn more or watch the demo below.



SO-6200 • Shipping Link

SO-6204 • Shipping Link with Capture Tracking Menu Option

SO-6206 • Shipping Link Enhancement – UDFs with Ship To and UDF Line Key to Interface

SO-6208 • Shipping Link Enhancement – HSTARRIFF to Interface Table

SO-6209 • Shipping Link with Additional Modifications

SO-6214 • VI Job to Import Sales Orders by Splitting Data Lines into Different Charge Lines

SO-6219 • Shipping Link Ship Via with Reference 4 Modification

SO-6220 • Shipping Link Third Party Enhancement with New Drop Down Third Party Instead of Check Box

SO-6221 • Shipping Link with Auto-Populate Button

SO-6224 • Shipping Link Enhancement – Ship-From Information

SO-6225 • BOI Business Object for Credit Card Interface

SO-6226 • Sales Order Merge

SO-6227 • Kit Component Totaling for Sales Order and Sales Order Invoice 

SO-6228 • Role Change for Quantity Charge and Line Move

SO-6300 • ISM Internet Interface Connector – CSV interface

SO-7001 • Purchase Order LIFO / FIFO Tier Sales Order Link

TC-0010 • TimeCard Header Comment Posted through to History

TC-1010 • Piecework for Payroll and TimeCard

Adds the ability to have an employee’s wages calculated ‘by the piece’ while still continuing to track hours worked via two different calculation methods.

TC-1037 • TimeCard Integration with JC-1138, WIP Account by Cost Code

Integrates the standard MAS 90 / MAS 200 / Sage 100 TimeCard module with JC-1138 WIP Account by Cost Code.

VI-6004 • Visual Integrator Backup Perform Logic

WO-0012 • Bin Number on Work Order Traveler

WO-0013 • Work Order to Payroll Data Entry for Labor Transactions

WO-1032 • Work Order Integration with 35 Option Categories

Adds enhanced support for BM-1042: 35 Option Categories to all Work Order programs.

WO-1034 • Alternate Mask for Work Order Quantity

WO-6001 • Traveler Integrated Database for Option Information

WO-6003 • Work Order Additional Lot Fields & WO Transaction Register Changes

WO-6006 • Work Order with Expanded Quantity Field to 7.4 

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