Problem: Triad Speakers’ outdated DOS-based Great Plains software lacked inventory and manufacturing tools and forced the company to use spreadsheets and databases to hold vital business data.

Result: Through the implementation of Sage 100 ERP and trusted partner ISM, costly purchase order variances were dramatically reduced and physical count accuracy increased three-fold.

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Moonstruck Chocolate Sage 100 200 Success Story Business Case Study

Moonstruck Chocolate Company

Problem: Moonstruck Chocolate Company sells high quality, perishable items and needed an efficient manufacturing and distribution system to control and capture actual costs involved in the production of their chocolates.

Result: By enlisting ISM to successfully implement Sage ERP MAS 200, peak staffing levels have been reduced by 40% and accurate cost tracking has ensured the profitability of each item sold.

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Packaging Specialties Sage 100 200 Success Story Business Case Study

Packaging Specialties

Problem: Packaging Specialties required a hard-working, full-featured ERP solution to provide core accounting and distribution functionality while supporting specialized reporting requirements & remote access.

Result: Through the implementation of Sage ERP MAS 200 and trusted partner ISM, Packaging Specialties have refined their forecasts and product mix through sales analysis tools and virtual business metrics.

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Gold Canyon Sage 500 Success Story Business Case Study

Gold Canyon

Problem: With about 50 orders arriving every day, each containing up to 300 line items, telephone support representatives were swamped. Errors inevitably occurred. And Gold Canyon was finding it harder to maintain its world’s finest customer service and 24- hour turnaround.

Result: By enlisting long-time technology partner ISM, Gold Canyon was not only able to switch from BusinessWorks to MAS 500, but also implemented eCustomer so their distributors can place orders anytime, anywhere via the internet – and greatly improved their sales analysis allowing them to adjust product offerings quickly.

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Hobie Cat Sage 100 200 Success Story Business Case Study

Hobie Cat

Problem: As sales picked up for Hobie Cat, it became apparent that their RealWorld accounting system – a solution incapable of integrating between general ledger, inventory and manufacturing, and with only 8 MB of storage – was unsuited for the business’ demands.

Result: Hobie Cat called on ISM to implement Sage ERP MAS 200 with full complement of financial & manufacturing modules. Although business has doubled, the efficiencies of MAS 200 have ensured only a 20% growth in staffing.

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Teva Sage 500 Success Story Case Study


Problem: With the potential of e-commerce on the horizon, Teva Sports Sandals needed a super-powered database with customizable applications.

Result: Teva enlisted ISM to implement Sage ERP MAS 500, and uses the solution’s modules to manage online, telephone and mail purchases, keep updated inventory information, and compile data on licensee business.

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Bazzill Basics Paper Sage 500 Success Story Business Case Study

Bazzill Basics Paper

Problem: With thousands of inventory items to process daily and their current ERP solution lagging behind, Bazzill Basics Paper drastically needed to regain control of their warehouse by implementing Sage ERP MAS 500.

Result: By enlisting long-time technology partner ISM, Bazzill was not only able to switch to MAS 500, but also to integrate a unique Warehouse Management System that significantly improved speed and accuracy with bar codes, handheld devices, and automated data collection.

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SkyCaddie Sage 500 Success Story Business Case Study


Problem: As a busy distributor, SkyGolf needed a sophisticated solution to optimize its distribution and customer service operations.

Result: Full integration between Sage 500 ERP and SalesLogix improved service by making current data available to all and streamlined order processing, saving SkyGolf time and money.

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