Shipping Link for Sage 100

Shipping Link for Sage 100

Streamline Your Shipping Process.

Save Time. Save Money. Eliminate Errors.

Xpansions Shipping Link is a Sage 100 ERP enhancement which eliminates the cumbersome double data entry between your ERP system and UPS OnLine WorldShip or FedEx Ship Manager.

This easy-to-implement enhancement passes pertinent data seamlessly between the two programs, providing you with instant access to product tracking data, and when using Shipping Data Entry allows users to ship multiple Sales Orders in the same package.

Enter data once and Shipping Link does the rest!




  • Integrates SAGE 100 ERP Sales Order with UPS Online WorldShip & FedEx Ship Manager software
  • Ships multiple Sales Orders in the same package or packages
  • Integrates with S/O Entry, S/O Shipping Data Entry and S/O Invoice Data Entry
  • Displays tracking information instantly
  • Simplifies entry of freight charges during invoicing

What Can This System Do for Me?


  • Sales Order data exports to UPS Online WorldShip and FedEx Ship Manager. This includes all S/O Data Entry information, such as customer number, shipping address, desired shipping method (e.g. Next Day Air), is instantaneously exported for use in UPS On- line WorldShip and FedEx Ship Manager when the Accept button is pressed.
  • UPS Online WorldShip and FedEx Ship Manager data imports back into Sage 100 ERP. Including all pertinent UPS Online WorldShip and FedEx Ship Manager information, such as actual shipping method, freight charges, miscellaneous charges and package weight, is returned automatically to Sage 100 and is available in real time with no additional import or other action necessary by the user.
  • Easy to assign freight charges to invoices. Look-ups in Sage 100 ERP allow selection of packages to include during Sales Order Invoice Entry for invoicing freight charges on-the-fly from UPS Online WorldShip and FedEx Ship Manager.
  • Package Detail Inquiry. Package look-up is available in all the places you would expect — Invoice History Inquiry, Invoice Data Entry, Sales Order History Inquiry, and more.
  • Tracking Data Easily Accessible. Select a package at any time in Sage 100 ERP and click “Tracking” to instantly see package tracking status, such as delivery date and time, or shipment alerts and delays.
  • Web Access Directly from Sage 100 ERP. Users with access to the Internet can access on line, real time tracking information directly in a Sage 100 ERP window. Instantly display online real time package tracking information within Sage 100 ERP.


All pertinent Sales Order shipping data is automatically imported into UPS OnLine WorldShip when the Sales Order number is entered.

After packages are shipped, all shipping information, like weight and freight, is automatically imported back into Sage 100 ERP for invoicing.

Users can display all the UPS package reference numbers associated with any order or invoice.

Other benefits include:

  • Cutting data entry time in half
  • Cutting customer tracking number time in half
  • Automatically calculating pre-determined shipping zone costs based on weight and shipping method
  • Automatically capturing and writing UPS tracking numbers back to Sage 100 ERP
  • Shipping multiple Sales Orders in the same package or packages (up to 20 per shipment)
  • Allowing users with Web access real time tracking from within Sage 100 ERP
  • Making data accessible to Crystal Reports

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