As any tourism or entertainment company knows, customer service is vital to securing repeat business and good word of mouth. Hospitality and entertainment companies can rely on an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) system with ERP software to streamline financial processes while maintaining accurate information about their customer base.


Acumatica Cloud ERP
Sage 100

Do you…


Think you could do a better job of anticipating the needs of your best customers by tracking purchases and preferences?


Want more effective marketing campaigns that target specific customers and industries?


Wish your staff could respond to fluctuating market changes quickly by using real-time data from built-in business intelligence?


Need to track seasonal or part-time employees efficiently and accurately?


Waste time and efficiencies by having multiple systems or databases for HR, billing, customer service, and sales?

If you answered yes to one or more of the questions above, you need to talk with an ISM business consultant today to learn more about Solutions for the Hospitality and Entertainment Industry. Whether you are a ski resort, a casino, or a country club, ISM can help you select the business management system that will help you continue to delight your customers for years to come.

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