Sage X3 Intelligence Reporting

Flexible Financial Reporting

Do you spend more time figuring your reports out than you do analyzing your data? Are you looking for a solution that automates the reporting process and makes it easy for you to visualize your data the way you want to? Sage X3 Intelligence Reporting boasts the ability to design, automatically distribute, and consume financial reports through a common Microsoft® Excel® interface, saving you time while making the most of your business’s data.

With comprehensive and flexible financial reporting available through an interface that you’re already familiar with, you easily and intuitively gain new insights across the company, helping you to make better informed business decisions, faster. Intelligence Reporting provides a tight integration with Sage X3, and allows companies to report on data from most external systems (with ODBC-compliant databases).

Scheduling and distributing reports is easily set up. You identify the reports you would like to send, whom you want to send them to, and when. They are then automatically updated and distributed on time, in the format of your choice.

Enjoy the Following Benefits:

Get timely, automated reports to make faster business decisions with real-time data automatically made available to the relevant people when they need it. Say goodbye to spreadsheet chaos with reports that can be scheduled to run and distribute at your convenience, giving you more free time to do what you love.

Gain control through accurate reporting. Real-time integration with your Sage X3 data in a controlled and secure environment means that your information is accurate and available immediately. Using this real-time data, you can easily create and customize financial reports with drag-and-drop functionality to suit your own needs.

Take action through better analysis of your data. When you integrate with Sage X3 you can see across your entire business, allowing you to truly visualize your data. You can then drill down in Excel within the structure you want to view your data.


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