Sage X3 Document Management

Fully integrated Sage X3 Document Management functionality extends the reach of Sage X3 beyond system-generated documents to provide more control over document flow, increase archiving efficiencies, and streamline document distribution by email or fax. Electronic Document Management (EDM) allows management of all your documents within your normal ERP workflow without the need to connect to a third-party application.


  • Save storage space and eliminate external archiving costs
  • Eliminate filing, photocopying, printing, and envelope stuffing and immediately provide all documents throughout the company
  • Adhere to all your regulations with secure archiving practices without the paperwork
  • Reduce risk of losing vital documentation and keep important documents in a secure repository rather than on workstation hard drives and in email inboxes
  • Simplify data additions from legacy systems and integrate non-ERP documentation
  • Use less paper and make fewer copies while leveraging a more efficient document delivery method
  • Use an OCR scanner to efficiently incorporate information, such as automatically populating data entry screens with vendor invoices

EDM allows you to collaboratively and easily capture, view, edit, and attach all documents related to your Sage X3 records. When you receive documents, you can efficiently scan them using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) so they are added to the system, indexed using document numbers and keywords found in the document, and automatically associated to the appropriate records. Once stored, efficiently search and distribute any archived document along with the documents that are generated by your system. Going green with EDM saves on real costs such as postage, stationery, and storage space and reduces the profit-killing inefficiencies of filing and retrieving hard copies.

Sage X3 Electronic Document Delivery (EDD) is also available, which includes the ability to automatically email or fax system-generated documents. When authorized to do so, non-ERP users also have the ability to drag and drop documents into the system using an EDM folder on their desktop. The new EDM and EDD components are: faxing, emailing, OCR, barcode document scanning, archiving, and unified search.

Sage X3 Electronic Document Management (EDM) fully integrates automated management and archiving of all documents both inside and outside your ERP system. Archived documents can be securely and immediately accessed at any time through the Sage X3 system or through a web browser, eliminating the need for traditional paper-based document storage.


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