Sage X3 Food Manufacturing Software Success

Sage X3 for food and beverage success: Tracing the path with food manufacturing software

As food and beverage manufacturers struggle to manage demand and stay ahead of the competition, many are hindered by inadequate business systems that do not provide full visibility into the supply chain. This infographic provides easy-to-read details about the challenges food and beverage manufacturers face.

Top strategies in food and beverage

Top performing food and beverage manufacturers modernize their business systems through Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), such as Sage X3. This food manufacturing software helps them standardize processes, identify gaps and shortages, and promote efficiency — which, in turn, helps them improve traceability and respond in record time to recalls.

Crucial ERP capabilities

Sharing with the extended enterprise gives food and beverage manufacturers real time visibility into processes, enabling demand planning and product recalls. These are keys to maintaining customer satisfaction and profit margins — as well as remaining on good footing with the FDA.

Benefits of today’s ERP solutions

In order to run their business efficiently and effectively while maintaining the traceability necessary to maintain compliance and avoid public relations blunders, leading food and beverage manufacturers modernize and simplify their technology infrastructure. This means a complete and integrated ERP solution that performs all the functions needed for effective food manufacturing software. Follow this path to achieve success.


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