Sage X3 What’s New

Sage X3 takes the complexity out of running your business. It simplifies every part of your operation, leaving you lean and ready for whatever comes next, wherever you are in the world. With Sage X3, you are choosing the next generation business management solution for your enterprise to grow faster and run an agile organization. Here’s what’s new.

Key Improvements

  • Versioning & Change Control Management: Ensure a systematic approach in managing all changes made to a product or system. Enables user to make a change, review the potential impact and send on for approval. You have full traceability, secure in the knowledge that only authorized persons may make changes.
    Versioning manages changes on a product and bill of material. You can control the possibility to use a product for a version number in different flows (Sales, Purchases, Manufacturing, Subcontracting, Stock issues).
  • EDI: Perform secure data exchanges for Sales and Purchases events with the provision of universal EDI formats according to EDI partners, companies or your own business partners rules.
  • Logistics: Make efficient choices around long distance Purchases / Suppliers and optimize your freight costs and quantities according to containers’ capacities. Maximize shipments from a Supplier to reduce transportation costs (Ability to identify other products and options around supplier, view product trend analysis for order purposes). Optimize freight costs by ordering based on Container capacity (Container selection to identify weight & volume capacity, compare selected lines with available capacity, manually enter Weight & Volume fields when needed) Purchasing based on order costs (Ordering additional items to take advantage of free freight, adhere to minimum or maximum order amounts) Sage X3 now allows for better global planning and product shipments by tracking the movement of incoming goods containers from your supplier to you.

Financial Management

  • Sage Pay Integration (UKI): Manage online, face to face, and phone payments using Sage X3 data. It expands on the current credit card integration to allow Sage Pay processing in UK/I market along with Sage Exchange in the NA market. Generic Sage X3 credit card processing makes way for integrations with other Payment gateway processors.
  • Bank files SEPA: Setup contexts where BIC is optional (at the company level).
  • Bank files XML: Define XML bank files for Direct Debit or Credit Transfer as and when required by banks.
  • New mobile Apps for Fixed Assets: Access, track and manage your physical assets from your handheld device.
  • Tax declaration: Activate tax declaration process according to legislation.
  • Payment balance declaration: Prepare periodic statistical declarations for non-resident payments and/or receivables/liabilities. This feature adds the ability to create user-defined extraction rules, including selection criteria around events, grouping criteria and content.
  • Factoring: Outsource payment collections from customers. Automate a large part of the end-to-end factoring process for more flexibility, ease and accuracy, including control of the financial risk, costs and posting rules for receipts and payment notifications.

Sales Management

  • Manual hold on sales order: Manage hold functions easier and faster.
  • Sales quotes types & sales orders generation: Define different rules, process and document counters for different types of sales quotes/orders.
  • Inter-site, price recalculation on sales order: Selective price calculations for inter-site sales orders
  • Tax control on sales documents: Consistent tax controls amongst varying document types in the Sales process, across multi-legislations with complex tax rules. Prevents incorrect setup by identifying correct tax codes per sales document.
  • Send email from Helpdesk: Send an email from the ‘Service requests’ or the ‘Service responses’ functions. A new button ‘Send email’ is available on the right list on the menu ‘Functions’.
  • Hyperlinks and rich texts management in Outlook interface: Manage rich texts and hyperlinks in the synchronization with Outlook With this improvement, the synchronized elements contain hyperlinks allowing users to directly access Sage X3 functions through Outlook elements
  • Credit level control & price control in inter-sites: Better manage costs of internal transfers
  • Credit level message in deliveries: Improved credit control
  • Control on invoicing elements (distribution tax rules): Improved management of discount policy when working with multiple tax levels on the same document
  • Intrastat and subcontracting: Setup movement rules & natures to declare subcontracting flows.


Compliance requirement for Belgium

  • Tax on prepayment

Compliance requirement for Switzerland

  • Bank ID management
  • Post codes import templates

Compliance requirement for Germany

  • Discount management
  • Previous balance display in account inquiry
  • Consistency controls in inquiries (ELSTER)
  • German recapitulative statement

Improvements to compliance requirements for Portugal

  • Inventory communication
  • Invoice cancellation
  • Legislation specific message on sales invoices
  • Return Communication
  • IES

Compliance requirement for Spain

  • Tax process (Credit note)

Compliance requirement for France

  • ax assistance for investment (Law Macron)


Know exactly where you are and what screen you are using

New keyboard shortcuts
Faster navigation

New mobile web client
Easy access to your core business information from any device with personalized mobile dashboards and favourites.

Easier Updates
Launch and update with one click, patch from a simple .zip file. Select to update optional patches or just the core. Version validations on folders being updated.

Consistency Tool for Customizations
Check customizations made on a folder and validate that they are in compliance with the Sage X3 update best practices. It will identify any changes between the standard Sage X3 and the customer folder and classify them as risks that should be improved in the future, identify errors that will create patching issues.

Calendar widget
A better view of the different events in your portal.

Web Services Testing Tool
Analyze bottlenecks and volume access control by access codes.

Secure node.js platform
Use SOAP web services on node.js to improve cloud compliancy, deploy web services easier and retain compatibility with pre-existing web services still based on Sage X3 objects and subprograms. Use new APIs in interactive mode to manage HTTP calls to an external web server, Batch task creation, Send rich mails and manage asynchronous calls in Syracuse mode.

Load balancing sessions
Optimize exchanges based on the volume of data.

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