Grow Your Business Forward When You Choose Sage X3


Increase productivity and revive profitable growth with a faster, simpler, and more flexible enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Growing sales and reducing operating costs – for businesses everywhere, these are top priorities.

From winning customers and expanding into new markets to eliminating inefficiencies, automating processes, and increasing competitiveness, businesses like yours face many of the same challenges. How do you successfully meet them? Start with your data.

A recent study of businesses in North America and Europe shows that improving data usability, accessibility, and intelligence dramatically impacts the bottom line. And better data starts when you choose Sage X3. Sage X3 improves efficiency across your business and provides the insight your employees need, when they need it. In the office or on a mobile device, businesses that choose Sage X3 have the tools to reduce costs, grow revenue, and win new customers – locally and globally.

The Data You Have. The Insight You Need.

You can’t run your business based on what happened last month or, for that matter, last week. Eliminate inefficiencies and grow a more profitable and responsive business when you choose Sage X3.

  • Streamline all processes across finance, distribution, and manufacturing management within one fast, simple, and seamless software design.
  • Connect employees, partners, suppliers, and customers online and on mobile devices to accelerate all business exchanges within and outside the company, locally and internationally.

Mobile Web Apps

Successful companies are four times more likely to process orders remotely. Increase your revenue with mobile access across your business. Sage X3 provides mobile access to your ERP system, including from any mobile device, tablet, and smartphone.


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