Work Faster with These Streamlined Payroll 2.0 Setup Updates in Sage 100


Sage 100 2017 is here, and in addition to streamlined functionality and intelligent changes that make it easier for you and your employees to complete more work faster, it also features an all-new, updated Payroll 2.0 system.

Today’s blog will help you understand the changes you can expect to see in your Sage Payroll 2.0 setup for Sage 100.

Changes You’ll Notice Immediately

When you log in to your Sage 100 Payroll 2.0 system for the first time, you’ll see an updated screen with updated language that better meets the needs of Sage 100 customers:

  • “Benefits” is now “Time Off”.
  • “Benefit Schedule Maintenance” is now “Time Off Maintenance”.

Changes You’ll Notice as You’re Working

Some changes will take you a few hours to notice, because you’ll actually have to use the function that they apply to. These include:

Time Off

  • All three time off reasons can now be customized – and your customized names for your time off reasons will be carried throughout the entire system.
  • You can now reset time off accruals on employee anniversary date as well as per calendar year.


  • The previous option to “Print Data Entry Audit Report in Detail” has been moved to the report itself, so it’s easier to update that option when you need to.
  • During data entry for the period, reactivating terminated / inactive employees has been reassigned as a security event in Role Maintenance.


  • Data is now stored by year and month, which means you don’t have to close out your current period and year to process a new one!
  • “Retain check history” and “Perpetual history” have been combined into one payroll history option, with at least four years of history required for checks and eFiling.

Earnings and Deductions Code Maintenance

  • You can now establish separate codes for each earnings or deductions type.
  • Each code will have customized data, including its own calculation method, tax information, and general ledger expense account.
  • Earnings and deductions codes have been expanded to six characters, with a 30-character description.
  • Updated tax rules empower you to use your state and location codes to easily determine federal, state, and local taxes so you can apply them to each earnings or deductions code.
  • Deductions code maintenance helps you establish separate codes for voluntary deductions, such as 401(k) accounts, so they’re easier to track and use.
  • You have the option to exclude specific earnings-code hours from ACA reporting for your “large-employer” status.
  • A new checkbox makes it easy to add YTD earnings to your W-2s.

Time Off Maintenance

  • Manage allowances for customized time off types, including credits, limits, and carryover allowance.

Memo Manager Maintenance

  • You now have additional payroll data entry memos that help you remember what you did for payroll and why.

Summing It All Up

From earnings to benefits, to taxes, history, and extra memo notes, your Payroll 2.0 system has been upgraded with the changes you requested so that you can run your business easier – and spend less time worrying over or calculating your payroll numbers. Thank goodness!


Please contact ISM when you’re ready to explore your Payroll 2.0 upgrade options, or to learn more.