Avoid Sales Tax Showdowns with Uncle Sam – Use AvaTax by Avalara Instead


Sales tax can create a lot of headaches. Not only is it really confusing, it’s also high stakes: one major misstep might end up in a costly and time-consuming audit. In fact, a lot of people avoid starting their own businesses because they fear taxes so much. That’s not you.

You already own your own business, which means you’re tremendously brave – but with AvaTax by Avalara, you don’t have to use bravery for your sales-tax processing. This solution, which integrates seamlessly with Sage 100, helps you handle your sales taxes with ease and confidence.

It’s time to make sales tax easier. Learn how in next week’s Lunch-n-Learn from ISM. On March 9 at 11:30 AM Pacific, ISM will help demystify sales-tax processing for you using AvaTax, the helpful, always up-to-date tool that integrates with your ERP, making collecting and remitting sales tax a breeze. Register here.

Why Are Sales Taxes So Hard?

We pride ourselves on having the rights answers for our clients, but we admit: we have no idea why sales taxes need to be so hard. Our best answer is that there are a lot of competing districts, cities, counties, states, and nations – all wanting their slice of your tax money – and that means tax jurisdictions can get overwhelming.

When we say “overwhelming,” we mean it. Not only are tax-jurisdiction lines complex and tangled, the tax rates also change regularly without much warning. This means busy business owners must keep up with the multitude of frequently changing tax codes and regulations, and then enter the changes into their systems on time so that they don’t end up with surprising tax bills.

That’s tough enough, but sales tax also requires managing exemption certificates, and if you’re considering selling online you’ll soon have to face complex nationwide tax jurisdictions…


How Can My Sage 100 System Help Make Sales Tax Easier?

If you’ve been struggling with sales tax, or if your pace of business has picked up and you’re worried that you might make a costly mistake soon, we at ISM have really good news!

Your Sage 100 and Sage X3 ERP systems have a powerful tool at their disposal called AvaTax by Avalara.

AvaTax by Avalara automatically updates and manages sales-tax processing for you, ensuring that all your sales transactions charge the correct tax amounts in all your store locations and online. In addition, AvaTax maintains your exemption certificates so you don’t have to worry about them, and the program’s reporting and filing tools make tax payments quick and easy.

“Make Sales Tax Less Taxing” with AvaTax by Avalara

Avalara’s tagline is “Make Sales Tax Less Taxing,” and with reason: the solution works. Businesses that choose AvaTax save themselves the time and stress that arises from calculating and managing your own taxes – and we at ISM highly recommend you take a look at the program at our free Lunch-n-Learn.


Register to join ISM on March 9, 2017 at 11:30 AM Pacific in the “Sales Tax Management Made Easy with AvaTax by Avalara” Lunch-n-Learn so you can see AvaTax by Avalara in action. We look forward to seeing you there!