Furniture, Forklifts, and Facilities – Managing Fixed Assets for Sage 100


By their very nature, fixed assets are a bit hard to manage. Not only do complex depreciation rules apply to your business’s fixed assets such as your office furniture and buildings, your equipment fixed assets additionally require regular inventory and tracking. If all this paperwork and management sounds like a pain in the neck to you, you’re not alone.

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A Primer on Fixed Assets

A “fixed asset” is anything your business purchases for long-term use that you don’t intend to (or can’t) convert into cash quickly. These items typically include land, buildings, office furniture, and equipment. Since these items have cash value, you must list them as assets on your company’s balance sheets.

Listing fixed assets can happen one of two ways:

1. The hard way – in which you create spreadsheets of your liquid assets, and then list your fixed assets, cell by cell, in the spaces below your liquid asset entries. This method is error prone and likely to result in omissions, plus it’s time consuming.

2. The easy way – in which you use software that automatically calculates the depreciation values of your fixed assets, as well as tracks and inventories those assets. Because this software integrates with your Sage 100 system, it makes reporting a snap and can help you view status at a glance, so you can manage maintenance with ease.

Most of our customers ask us about new time savers that can help them grow their businesses, so that’s why we’re taking the time to share Sage Fixed Assets with you at our upcoming Lunch-n-Learn.

Sage Fixed Assets for Sage 100

Sage Fixed Assets for Sage 100 helps your business save time and avoid costly audits, with comprehensive fixed-asset management that fully integrates with your Sage 100 system.

Easy to use and designed to flexibly meet the unique needs of any business, this add-on accounting software that handles fixed assets for Sage 100 will keep your balance sheets accurate for you, so you can grow those business assets even more.


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