Payroll 2.0 Data Entry Looks a Little Different — Learn About the Changes Here


You asked, Sage listened. The fully redesigned Payroll 2.0 for your Sage 100 system looks clean and uncluttered, and includes easy-to-use features that help you streamline your payroll search and entry, while keeping important data safely away from an accidental click. Though the system is highly intuitive, it’s worth it to check out this quick orientation before you jump right in.

Navigation Features

Getting through records has never been easier. With the new navigation features from Sage, it’s a snap to find and update anything in your Payroll 2.0 Data Entry screens.

  • Look up – Lists a view of all your active employees.
  • Search – Lists all employees with a payroll entry.
  • Next – Advance through a detailed view of all employees in a specific pay cycle, including terminated and inactive employees.
  • Browse – Cycle back and forth through all your payroll employees.
  • Quick search – Use this option in the “Lines” tab to search for a specific data row.

Employee Information

Handy, one-click reference and changes to your employees’ information will help you update your records fast and keep you supported with the data you need to handle potential disputes.

  • Updated privacy – Employee social security numbers no longer display in data entry, keeping their protected information safe.
  • Employee no. access – Use an easy hyperlink in the employee number to access Employee Maintenance options.
  • Memos – See all memos about a specific employee and now create a memo specific to the pay period, such as “last check” or “bonus.”
  • Temporary reactivation – Instead of navigating through your entire payroll system, you can easily reactivate a terminated or inactive employee for a specific payroll, right from your Data Entry screen.

Help Your Employees Faster

Whether you’re helping employees over the phone, in person, or using a screen share, it’s important to have easily readable data at your fingertips and on your screen.

  • Primary and secondary grid lookup – With two grids instead of one, you can easily find and display employee earnings, deductions, pay dates, and more – and you can keep the information you need in a clear, readable format.
  • Provide fast answers – Drag and drop the information in each grid to add or remove pertinent data that answers employee questions.
  • Recalculate deductions – Do your employees want answers to deduction what-ifs? Show them various options with the click of a button.
  • Specify check-printing options – Choose what dates you want to print on your checks while keeping tax-reporting information secure in your system.


Ready to save time and increase productivity at your business? Get these changes for yourself when you take advantage of the all-new Payroll 2.0 for Sage 100. Contact ISM for more information or to schedule your system update.