Sage ERP X3 Finance

The finance capabilities of Sage ERP X3 can handle transfers and reporting of information from one country to another, and between subsidiaries and their headquarters. Sage ERP X3 combines decentralized and international company financial management. The flexible accounting structure (multiledger and multichart of accounts) guarantees a real-time global vision while responding to local operational requirements such as legal, analytical, and reporting preferences.


Sage ERP X3 associates a company to an “accounting model,” which can be used by several companies. Each model consists of up to ten sharable ledgers, each one associating one currency, one sharable chart of accounts, and up to ten user defined analytical sharable dimensions. The ability to parameterize and apply flexible rules allow the generation of multiple GL entries, helping to avoid restatements and double entries.

GL Accounts and Fiscal Calendars

Sage ERP X3 General Ledger supports multiple companies and sites and allows an unlimited number of fiscal calendars to be defined with up to 24 open periods per calendar. A special period can be used for year-end postings. Account numbers can be expressed in fixed or variable lengths and can be identified by a short mnemonic. Accounts can also be defined as “collectives,” permitting customer and supplier sub-ledger information to be fully integrated within the GL.

Automatic Journals

Sage ERP X3 supports manual, simulated, template, recurring, and reversing journal entries. Entries can be saved in a temporary state prior to final posting. Simulated journals can be active or inactive, allowing for different levels of “what-if” scenarios. Recurring journals can be fixed by period or variable with the ability to allocate an amount according to monthly weighted distributions. Accruals can be defined to reverse automatically on a predefined date. Userdefined allocation structures and formulas can also be defined and processed automatically, with multipass capability.

Intercompany Transactions

Intercompany customer and supplier invoices and intercompany GL journal entry functions are valuable to any organization that shares resources between legal entities. Managing intercompany customer and supplier invoices within Sage ERP X3 increases productivity for users by creating a single document that automatically generates the necessary journal entries and recording the financial transaction for both companies.

Analytical Dimensions

Sage ERP X3 supports user-defined analytic dimensions for budgeting, allocations, and analysis. Dimensions can be both financial- and quantity-based. Dimension views can be defined to be analyzed from a specific standpoint, such as sales by channel or by product line. Dimensions can support any number of groupings of up to 99 levels to permit access to varying levels of account information with drill down for a cumulative to a detailed view.

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