Sage ERP X3 Customer Service

Sage ERP X3 Customer Service enables users to improve management of customer relations.

Used in association with the sales management function, Sage ERP X3 Customer Service is used to organize and monitor marketing campaigns, manage direct mailing and telemarketing, and set up trade shows and press campaigns. It is designed to be used by the sales force on a daily basis to monitor jobs and organize tasks including customer job monitoring, management of incoming and outgoing calls, tasks, meetings, and contacts. The sales support functions are linked directly to Sage ERP X3 sales features such as quotation management and sales order entry saving significant entry time and helping to create an error-free environment. In addition, the customer service capabilities may be used for the management of equipment populations and customer service operations. Finished goods shipped on customer orders are automatically available to be serviced in the customer support area of Sage ERP X3 Customer Service.

A Flexible Database of Business Partners and Contacts

Sharing customer service data with other parts of your business is no problem with Sage ERP X3. Relationships can be managed with normal business partners (prospects, customers, suppliers, and more) or directly with independent contacts, with whom no relationship yet exists. Business partners may have an unlimited number of contacts, each of whom may play different roles, and contacts may be associated with several different business partners. A portal calendar within the customer service area of Sage ERP X3 provides easy visual access to events.

Sales Support

The sales support features can have significant benefits by providing a range of tools for managing customer relations and activities. Using a set of presales actions, your sales team can schedule appointments, log both inbound and outbound phone calls, assign critical tasks, check on late actions that need to be done by coworkers, and obtain an overall view of the activities on a particular prospect or customer. Sales opportunities can be registered and the key pre- and post-sales steps set up so that the entire sales process can be controlled up to the creation of a sales quote, which can be tied directly to the opportunity defined in Sage ERP X3. Sales objectives can be defined so that management can easily determine sales performance (actual revenue versus forecast) by sales rep and/or other important criteria.

Marketing Campaigns

Your marketing team can benefit from the Sage ERP X3 Customer Service management tools, global visualization screens, and functional control over marketing campaigns. Marketing managers can easily follow the activities that are in progress and can quickly compare their projected costs to the overall campaign budget. The customer service functionality can also assist your team in the creation of direct mail, email and phone campaigns as well as record media and trade show events.

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