3 Reasons Small Businesses Delay Choosing Acumatica ERP


A recent study from the Aberdeen Group provides interesting information about small businesses that choose not to purchase an ERP versus small businesses that choose to implement a modern ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution, such as Acumatica. You may be surprised by the findings.

Are you limiting your small business’s growth? Check out today’s post to learn the common reasons SMBs choose not to implement an ERP solution – and why those reasons are holding them back.

1. “My business is too small for ERP”

If you’ve scoffed at salespeople who tell you that ERP helps your business grow, you may identify with the 49% of businesses that believe their business is too small to need ERP. In fact, 26% of businesses delay an ERP decision because “we’ve functioned effectively without ERP in the past.”

Consider this: Sticking with your startup business’s tools when you expect your business to grow is like renewing the lease on your studio apartment when you and your significant other expect your family to grow. Sure, you can do it, but why would you want to?  

2. “ERP costs a lot”

Modern ERP vendors understand that businesses of all sizes can benefit from effective solutions that help them increase their efficiency by analyzing and building on their successes. That’s why Acumatica Cloud ERP provides flexible pricing that meets the budgets of even very small businesses.

Acumatica helps growing businesses with:

  • Pay-as-you-go, scalable pricing
  • Unlimited users so you can add new employees, stress free
  • A wide ecosystem of mix-and-match integrations that support business evolution

3. “ERP is hard to learn and implement”

Today’s browser-based ERP systems make it easy to learn and navigate your system. In fact, if you can use Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari, you already know how to navigate Acumatica. In addition, a cloud-based, modern ERP is relatively fast to install.

Consider this: You already know that landing (and keeping!) new clients takes sky-high levels of customer service. With Acumatica’s browser-based access to business data anywhere and any time, you’ll have the freedom to meet prospect and customer needs instantly – no matter if you’re at your desk, at a sales meeting, or on your couch during your favorite show’s commercial break.

What’s the Cost of Acumatica Cloud ERP?

Since Acumatica offers scalable pricing, small businesses can get a great deal on their new implementation. Our customers are often surprised at how little their ERP costs compared to what they expected.

But implementation prices aren’t the only factor in selection an ERP for your growing business. The Aberdeen study also showed that companies with modern ERP save time and increase profits with:

  • Faster client payments
  • Higher customer satisfaction rates
  • Accurate, well-informed business decisions based on real-time data analytics


Curious about how a modern ERP from Acumatica could help your business expand? Schedule your no-obligation phone consultation with ISM to learn if an ERP is right for your company at this stage.