What Is POS

A point-of-sale (POS) system is simply software and a computerized network consisting of a “main computer” and linked to several checkout terminals that complete customer transactions. The “main computer” could be a server in your office or headquarters, or it could be “in the cloud”. The “checkout terminals” could be other computers attached to a variety of hardware (like cash drawers, receipt printers, credit card swipes, bar code scanners, scales, pole displays, etc.), or they could be iPads or other mobile devices.

Why Do You Need POS

Companies usually implement POS systems to gain several benefits:

  • Customer Satisfaction – Customers can make their purchases quickly and efficiently.
  • Greater Efficiency – Companies can process more sales faster and with less paperwork and, therefore, increase profits.
  • Inventory Control –  Inventory is tracked more accurately as it is reduced as items are sold so inventory is always up-to-date.
  • Better Intelligence – Companies can use information collected by the POS system to make better decisions by spotting trends, monitoring specials, improving pricing accuracy, discovering fast and slow selling items, etc.

When considering POS systems, one that is a “must see” is FusionRMS POS for Acumatica. FusionPOS™ is a full-feature point-of-sale solution for retailers wanting to fully leverage Acumatica to provide centralized management in highly distributed retail environments. FusionPOS does this without sacrificing any functionality available in standalone retail solutions.


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