Shhh… Don’t Tell Anyone This Secret About Paperless Document Management


You’ve heard the advice a thousand times: “Switch to a paperless office method for your business.” (Now you’ve heard the advice 1,001 times.) However, this time might finally convince you, because next week at the Lunch-n-Learn webinar about DocLink by Altec, you’ll find out the secret about this document management powerhouse for Sage ERP.

Get the fascinating facts on going paperless. On September 21, 2017 at 11:30 AM Pacific, ISM is ready to let you in on the secret about DocLink document management for Sage ERP. It may very well change your stance on the paperless office. Register here.

What Is DocLink Paperless Document Management by Altec?

DocLink document management is a paperless office solution that significantly cuts down on your administrative time requirements by digitizing all your Sage ERP files for you. Since it’s a Sage Endorsed Solution (the highest certification level for Sage), you can trust that this add-on will be seamlessly integrated with your ERP so you can instantly link key documents to corresponding files in Sage.

Good paperless document management does more than connect to your ERP. In fact, DocLink helps you manage every single sheet of your business paperwork so you’ll always have easy-access files across your entire organization.

Speaking of organization, DocLink paperless document management helps you:

  • File and find all your documents in the blink of an eye
  • Protect your files from loss or misfiling
  • Access files on your desktop, browser, or mobile device
  • Track your document changes and access dates
  • Secure files so that only authorized individuals can see them
  • Share documents with customers, vendors, and employees

DocLink by Altec is a paperless document management solution that works with Sage 100, Sage 500 ERP, and Sage X3. This add-on was previously known as Sage Document Management.

Go Beyond Digital Filing

We admit that there are many products on the market that help you with paperless document management. However, DocLink is the only solution that drives productivity at your offices with business-building functionality including:

  • Simple document capture
  • Accounts Payable automation
  • Workflows
  • Notifications
  • Archives
  • Structured and unstructured doc storage
  • Automated, secure document delivery

Still curious and wanting to know the secret about DocLink? It has to do with speed ­– and it’s probably the reason you’ve been avoiding paperless processing until now.

You know what? You’ve read this far and the webinar isn’t until next week, so we’ll give you a hint: Paperless document management is super easy and fast to set up – when you use DocLink.


Register to find out more about DocLink by Altec. Join us September 21, 2017 at 11:30 AM Pacific for the “Altec Document Management” Lunch-n-Learn Webinar, and see how much time and money you’ll save with your paperless office.