Sage AP Automation Ain’t the Scary Kind of Automation – It Really Helps


Studies show that more than 70% of Americans are afraid automation is going to either take over the world or steal their jobs, but this statistic is misleading. In fact people worry that robots will steal their jobs.

Okay, we’re willing to consider that robots might be evil, but we think it’s unlikely because robots are really dumb. Seriously, have you seen this robot trying to put down a box? (Ouch.) However, The Matrix, the Terminator movies, and pretty much every other robot dystopia movie ever says that robots are going to take over the world… so who are we to argue?

However, robots are not synonymous with automation. Automation is an entirely different thing – and your AP department is going to love automation.

See the new Sage AP Automation solution in action. View the on-demand webinar to learn how Sage AP Automation is streamlining Accounts Payable work across the nation.

Let’s Talk About Automation

The fact that most people equate automation with robots is completely natural, considering the endless news articles that conflate the two, but to understand the difference, we should clearly define automation.

Definition: Automation helps you perform mind-numbing, repetitive processes and systems automatically.

In manufacturing, this repetitive task performance is often done by a robot because they’re better at thoughtless physical activities like placing products on a conveyor belt. Humans get bored with these activities and, naturally, their minds wander. Robots minds never wander because robots don’t have minds.

In jobs where “physical” activities consist of clicking a mouse button and most of the actual work is done with careful thought and attention, automation typically comes in the form of an application that helps you sort through dull, repetitive organizational tasks, such as data entry and invoice reconciliation.

Your Accounts Payable department is filled with boring organizational tasks like these, and they take up a lot of time. Too much time, in fact. (Just ask your AP department if you don’t believe us.)

How Sage AP Automation Helps Your Business

If your AP department would like a shortcut that helps them organize and digitize the mountains of administrative paperwork they must sift through each day, you’ll want to view the on-demand webinar on Sage AP Automation. (You’re also welcome to send one of your AP personnel in your place.)

Built for Sage 100cloud or Sage 500 ERP, Sage AP Automation helps your Accounts Payable team save time, reduce errors, and get more done every day because they’ll be using a true AP automation solution that includes:

  • Automated data entry – In fact, no data entry
  • Accounting software integration – No duplicate data entry
  • Workflow approvals – Keeps AP teams on track, everywhere and everytime

Learn More About Sage AP Automation at the Webinar

In addition to introducing you to this handy, new AP solution from Sage, the webinar will show you how you and your Accounts Payable team can use Sage AP Automation to streamline end-to-end AP processes, including entry, approval, and payment of invoices.

Sage AP Automation also includes:

  • Purchase order matching
  • Custom reporting
  • Multi-entity support

As well as a host of other features and benefits that will keep your AP team happy, speedy, and satisfied at work. We promise: Sage AP Automation is not the scary kind of automation.


Learn how your team can recoup countless hours of time processing invoices and take advantage of significant resource cost savings. View the “Sage AP Automation” webinar.