Celebrate the Year-End with Budgeting Tools for Sage 100


It’s the end of the year and there’s so much to do! At work you have your end-of-the-year company meetings and in-depth budgeting that includes forecasting, planning, and purchasing. At home you have your family gatherings and, well, forecasting, planning, and purchasing for the holidays.

Keep your budgets on track this holiday season and in the coming year. Join ISM this Thursday, November 16, 2017 at 11:30 AM Pacific for the free Lunch-n-Learn webinar that shows you how much easier budgeting can be when you use budgeting tools for Sage 100. Register here.

‘Tis the Season… of Too Much to Do!

With all the stress that surrounds the end of the year both in and out of work, you’d think that somebody would create a holiday or something so you could actually get some time off and relax. If only! (wink.)

Though relaxing might be a far-off dream this holiday season, you can at least save some time when you streamline your budgeting processes the faster, easier way.

How much more time would you have if you simplified your:

  • Forecasting

You’ve been collecting data throughout the year, gathering new facts and trends, adding it to past years’ information, and you’re finally ready to use it to make the right decisions. Now it’s crunch-time: What the heck are you going to buy for your mother-in-law this year? Will anything be enough? (Sigh.)

Lucky for you, making purchasing decisions in your business is way easier than it is in your personal life. We assure you: the accounting team will love that new ERP upgrade you’re getting them.

Forecasting revenues and business needs will be both easy and accurate when you have the right budgeting tools for Sage 100 that turn your data into useful information that can help guide your company into the new year.

  • Planning

A successful family holiday season doesn’t just happen. Neither does a successful growth year for your business. In fact, both events take a lot of planning.

With budgeting tools for Sage 100, you’ll get the facts so you know where to allocate funds and determine the best avenues for reinvestment in your company – and your entire team can be part of the process with collaboration tools built in to many of your budgeting software options.

Now, if you could only get a quarter of that planning and forethought ability from your mother-in-law when she picks out your gift this holiday season, it will officially count as a Holiday Miracle.

  • Purchasing

The “season of giving” sure does take a lot of buying. Some presents increase happiness. Some presents lead to productive growth. The best kinds of presents lead to both – and you want to make sure you have the best kind of presents for your family and for your business. (But is there such a gift for your mother-in-law?)

Forget about that pesky mother-in-law for now and focus on your business’s needs. With highly effective budgeting tools for Sage 100, you’ll be able to plan for new equipment purchases, location purchases, staffing needs, and more. And you’ll be able to maintain confidence in your spending with rock-solid, Sage-integrated math backing you at every decision.

Get Your Business a Gift This Holiday Season

The end of the year brings activity, tasks, and stress from every direction, whether you’re closing all those Sage 100 modules in their correct order or maintaining a smile in the face of your mother-in-law’s passive aggressive comments about that darn gift you agonized over. (What is wrong with that woman? Honestly!)

Whatever. Forget about her. There’s no solution for her, but there is a solution for your business needs: all those lovely budgeting tools for Sage 100.

Once you start making accurate predictions and assessments, planning appropriately, and sticking with the proper budget for your business’s continued success, you’ll be amazed at how smoothly year-end budgeting can go.

Here’s to your continued success in the coming year with all your endeavors – even your family gift giving.


Register to learn more about streamlining your budgeting processes. Join ISM November 16, 2017 at 11:30 AM Pacific for our Lunch-n-Learn webinar, “Budgeting Tools for Sage 100.” We’ll see you there!