Sage Inventory Advisor Solves Your Puzzles for You


Forecasting your inventory needs is a tough job. It takes up far, far too much of your time. It’s time to change that with Sage Inventory Advisor, the cloud-based program that works on desktop and mobile to help you plan your orders intelligently for optimal inventory management.

Find out how you can reduce stock-outs and optimize your inventory levels. In the upcoming Lunch-n-Learn webinar, happening May 23, 2017 at 11:30 AM Pacific, ISM will introduce you to the easy-to-use, Sage-integrated inventory solution companies are using to improve their forecasting. Register here.

Sage Inventory Advisor – Works with Sage 100 Inventory Solutions

This May is inventory month here at ISM, which is why we’re featuring a series of inventory-focused Lunch-n-Learn webinars to help our customers who want to take advantage of time-saving tools that work seamlessly with their Sage 100 systems.

If your company is looking for a better way to forecast and plan your orders so you can maintain optimal inventory at all times (even during high-volume seasons!), you’ll want to learn more about Sage Inventory Advisor.

This powerhouse order-advisement tool helps you reduce the time you spend forecasting by making intelligent recommendations regarding:

  • Improvements that make a big impact
  • Optimal replenishment amounts
  • Supplier choices for various costs and lead times
  • Order deadlines for best-practices inventory management
  • Seasonal and trend-based ordering

Sage Inventory Advisor also complements the Sage Inventory Management module for Sage 100 to provide an all-around inventory management solution.

Fast Deployment and a Fast ROI

As a cloud-based solution, Sage Inventory Advisor ensures anywhere / anytime immediate access to your critical inventory-management functions, and it’s also fast to set up and deploy for Sage 100, Sage 500 ERP, and Sage X3.

It contains interactive, at-a-glance information that helps you stay on track with your inventory, and uses color-coded readouts based on your company policies to keep you in the know about what you should order – and when. Many users of Sage Inventory Advisor appreciate its budget-friendly, monthly subscription pricing, which helps them achieve a fast ROI for this helpful solution.


Register for the upcoming Lunch-n-Learn webinar so you can see Sage Inventory Advisor for yourself. On May 23, 2017 at 11:30 AM Pacific, ISM will demo the tool and be on hand to answer your inventory questions. See you on the 23rd for the “Sage Inventory Advisor” Lunch-n-Learn webinar!