Sales Slowing Down? Speed Up with Sales Dashboards for Distribution Companies


In today’s fast-paced, competitive distribution industry, there’s no room for mistakes. Consumer interests change quickly, orders come in around the clock, and customers expect lightning-fast deliveries with 100% accuracy.

In order to meet these requirements head-on, distributors are now using modern business management systems to help them work faster and smarter, but few are using the proven tool that can help them improve their sales revenues.

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A Quick Intro to Dashboards

The current need for business insight is nothing new. After all, savvy distribution companies (as well as the vast majority of organizations in other industries) have been using charts and graphs for years to track their past performance and plan their future strategy.

Dashboards take the old-school “charts and graphs” method and supercharges it for the modern age.

Whereas in the past, companies would typically export data into Excel and then manipulate it into easy-to-read visual layouts, today’s dashboards do all the busy work for you.

In order to offer true business intelligence, modern dashboards automatically convert real-time data into actionable insight, providing at-a-glance representations of the critical, business-building information you need to succeed.

Some dashboards also give you the ability to configure your data displays and set thresholds and rules so you can get instant, personalized reporting.

How Sales Dashboards Help Distribution Companies

With instant insight into real-time data, you’ll finally be able to track business performance and make positive changes on the fly… instead of making changes after the fact, like you have to do when you use that old “charts and graphs” method.

Not only do intelligent dashboards help your distribution company track slow-moving inventory, top sellers, and aging stock, dashboards can also increase your sales.

See, right now, your sales team is operating in the dark. They know what your distribution company’s products are, but they don’t have insight into your quantities and demand. (If you don’t have insight into these things either, you’ll definitely want to consider dashboards.)

With sales dashboards, you sales professionals will finally have the information they need, right at their fingertips, to confidently negotiate and offer deals that will close the sale. Even better, they won’t have to waste time running reports or crunching numbers, they’ll simply have the data they need right when they need it.

What You’ll Learn in the Webinar

Join ISM and Joni Girardi to learn more about how you can increase your sales revenues using sales dashboards for distribution companies.

Over the past 17 years spent working with distributors and various business intelligence technologies, expert guest presenter Joni Girardi has built up a treasure trove of personal knowledge about how distributors can succeed in today’s competitive landscape.

Attend the webinar to learn about:

  • The 3 critical sales metrics you should be tracking
  • Top analytics that will motivate your sales team
  • How you can use dashboards to supercharge the rest of your operations – not just sales!

Don’t miss your chance to learn from an experienced business intelligence pro and find out how sales dashboards can help your distribution company gain the competitive edge.


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