Turn Your Information into Knowledge with Sage Business Insights


We’ve all heard the old adage, “knowledge is power,” and this saying is only becoming more relevant as we move forward in today’s business landscape. However, there’s a critical difference between knowledge and information… and understanding the distinction between the two is crucial to your ongoing success.

Information is everywhere. Information is cheap. In fact, these days it can be all too easy to drown in a sea of information. Feel like you’re drowning in data? Follow in the footsteps of the business leaders who’ve realized they need the capability to transform their information into useful knowledge.

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What Is Sage Business Insights?

Sage Business Insights is a business intelligence system for Sage 100 designed to help sort, analyze, and report on your company’s information. With Sage Business Insights, you’ll gain the knowledgeable business insight you require.

The three parts to Sage Business Insights are:

  • Business Insights Reporter

Reports make for easy data access, turning a mess of information into easy-to-read and easy-to-analyze readouts on your customers, processes, and labor performance trends.

  • Business Insights Dashboard

Dashboard helps small business owners organize and streamline their access to important company information and offers the ability to view critical data on a home page for instant business insight.

  • Business Insights Explorer

Navigating a company’s current and historical data can be quite a task, unless decision-makers have the ability to run queries, reports, and statistical analyses on demand. This helps enable faster, better decisions that increase overall business agility.

Sage Business Insights provides you with a better way to organize, access, and understand your data. Get insight into your business by turning your data and information into useful, actionable knowledge.

Find out how Sage Business Insights can transform the way you see your business.


Register to claim your spot on February 20 at 11:30 AM Pacific, so you can learn more at ISM’s Lunch-n-Learn Webinar “Sage Business Insights.” We look forward to seeing you there!