Upgrade Your Shop Floor Success with Sage 100c Manufacturing


Running a manufacturing business is a hectic job. Adapting to labor setbacks, delays in shipments, availability of materials, and mechanical downtime are all obstacles that are far too familiar. There is always too much to manage. You don’t have time to bounce between your financial information and your operations information to see how your business is doing.

It’s all one business. Therefore, you need all the information in one place.

Sage 100c Manufacturing is designed to streamline your financial and operational information into one simple and usable system. This gives you the ability to manage and track the entire lifecycle of everything your company produces, giving you complete visibility and insight.

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What Is Sage 100c Manufacturing?

Sage 100c Manufacturing is an add-on solution for your Sage 100c system. Specifically designed to bring all the functions of the manufacturing business in one place, Sage 100c Manufacturing gives you the ability to:

  • Automate Purchase Order creation
  • Automatically generate detailed work tickets
  • Gain insight into and track the profitability of each job
  • Access job status with real-time segment visibility
  • Custom configure orders for production
  • Support “what if” planning and date-based scheduling
  • Maximize output with raw materials planning and adjustment

Get the Power to Do It All

Sage 100c Manufacturing helps you manage it all from one easy place. This one-hour learning experience could save you time, money, and stress — helping you ensure the successful future of your business. This is an investment in time that pays you back in multiple ways.


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