Get the Shortcuts You Need for Sage 100


Whether in private life or the business world, everyone always tries to find easier and faster ways to get things done. Business management software like Sage 100 is designed to make your work day more productive by streamlining your day-to-day processes and activities, but you may not be using your system to its full capabilities.

In fact, many of the everyday tasks you perform in Sage 100 can be done easier and faster… but you have to know the shortcuts.

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Why Are Shortcuts for Sage 100 So Important?

If you’ve been using Sage 100 for years, you may feel that you already know how to navigate your ERP system quickly and easily enough. Undoubtedly, that’s true up to a point – but if you could shave a few seconds off of each step in each administrative task you perform throughout the day, you’d start building extra time into your schedule instantly.

By spending just one hour in the webinar learning handy tricks and shortcuts for Sage 100, you’ll have the opportunity to save hours of time by decreasing wasted data entry time and search time, while customizing the layout and navigation of your system for streamlined use.

Invest Your Time to Get Paid Back

Ever had to sit through a meeting, workshop, or seminar that, at the end, made you feel like you’d lost hours of your life you could never get back? Of course you have. In fact, that probably already happened this week. Sigh.

In 2018, you can ensure better business growth by choosing to invest your time wisely. All it takes is attending activities that pay you back by giving you more time in your schedule.

Wondering where you can find such incredible, time-building activities? We’ve got a suggestion: the upcoming ISM tips and tricks webinar.


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