Teach Your Sage ERP Software Some New B2B Tricks

These days, your B2B clients expect more from you. Not only do B2B clients demand faster service, better prices, and flexible shipping, they also want the ability to order from your business 24 hours a day. Since B2B clients tend to make large orders, it’s a smart idea to meet their needs so you can remain their vendor of choice.

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The B2B Problem for eCommerce

In the past, delivering eCommerce services to your B2B clients was difficult. Business customers often have highly specific pricing based on negotiations and bulk ordering habits, and they tend to make specialized orders on a regular basis. Plus, they pay with purchase orders.

In the past, online ordering systems weren’t robust enough to handle the needs of business clients, so, although your B2C transactions could be completed online, your sales team still had to rely on emails, paper-based forms, and phone calls to complete B2B sales. If you did provide a stripped-down online option for business clients, your team had to waste time manually re-entering orders into your Sage ERP.

There simply wasn’t a good solution for businesses wanting to save time and deliver better service on B2B transactions.

No Excuses: Why Modern Companies Must Provide eCommerce for B2B

At this point, however, flexible B2B solutions are essentially a requirement for companies interested in retaining their business customers. Vendors that want to stay competitive must adapt to their B2B customers’ demands.

And B2B customers are definitely demanding more. Last year (2016), more Black Friday shoppers purchased online than in store, which is further proof that purchasers are becoming more and more comfortable with the idea of buying online – and they now expect the ability to complete their B2B transactions the same way they complete their B2C transactions.

As this trend has increased, big-box stores and online mega-giants have accumulated a larger portion of B2B market share by offering fast, easy drop-shipping capabilities, 24/7 online account access, and other convenient options, which has put the pinch on smaller, local businesses that don’t have the budget or the infrastructure to support web-based business-to-business purchasing behaviors.

Until now…

Supercharge Your Business with eCommerce Power for Sage ERP

Finally! SMBs now have the option to implement affordable, web-based ordering and service to their B2B customers using CIMcloud, full-service Customer Interaction Management software tailored for B2B sales and seamlessly integrated with your Sage ERP.

Formerly known as Website Pipeline, this innovative, easy-to-use, online software has been enabling eCommerce integration for Sage users since 1999, and has been rated one of the fastest growing companies in North America for six years in a row.

If you’re not offering online portals yet or you’re tired of the inflexible limits of traditional B2C-centric web portals, it’s worth it to check in with ISM for this free Lunch-n-Learn webinar co-presented by CIMcloud (Website Pipeline), so you can learn how easy eCommerce can be for B2B.

What You’ll Get from the Webinar

As business owners in our high-tech world, we understand that market disruption impacts our businesses in a variety of ways. Sometimes the impact is negative, such as when a newcomer arrives with a new tool that lures our customers away from us… but more often, these market disruptions create a wider range of options for our businesses to streamline, grow, and expand faster than we ever thought possible.

eCommerce may be your next greatest opportunity, but you won’t know until you take a look at how your company can benefit from it.

Attend the webinar for a deeper look at how B2B eCommerce from CIMcloud can help your company provide:

  • Tailored Information

Your customers can log in any time to view product info, customer-specific pricing, and inventory levels for their preferred products.

  • On-Demand Order Insight

The cloud-based customer account system offers easy lookup access so your customers can place and view orders, as well as track shipments and status.

  • Paperless Invoicing

Web-based portals for invoicing help your customers find, verify, and pay their invoices faster so you have better cash flow.

  • And more…

Your online customer portal with seamless Sage ERP integration delivers the convenience your B2B customers demand – with the easy-to-use order management your company requires.


Register so you can find out more about how CIMcloud (Website Pipeline) helps your company increase B2B sales effortlessly. Join ISM and CIMcloud on August 10, 2017 at 11:30 AM Pacific for the Lunch-n-Learn webinar, “Transform Your B2B Customer Experience with Sage-Integrated Customer Self-Service”.