Sage Business Insights Is the 3-in-1 Suite You’ve Been Waiting For


In the business world, we’re all waiting for something. We’re waiting for a callback from the big fish prospect, or a check for an unpaid invoice, or an overdue shipment, or a job decision from a great candidate. We’re also all waiting for that secret ingredient that will make our job as entrepreneurs both effortless and profitable.

Here’s where we should say something like, “That secret ingredient is finally here…” but, really, we can’t tell you that because we’re honest folk. Much as we all want something that will make owning and running a successful business effortless, that tool doesn’t exist.

However, if you’re ready to make running your successful business easier with a tool that helps you increase your revenues, we have good news for you: Your wait is over. At least that secret ingredient is finally here!

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What Is Sage Business Insights?

As an intelligent add-on with included analytics capabilities, Sage Business Insights for Sage 100 helps you get instant answers to your most pressing business questions, clear and readable reports, and at-a-glance dashboards so your business can remain agile and stay ahead of your competitors.

Many people view Sage Business Insights as a single program, but it’s actually three separate programs bundled into one powerhouse package. When you choose Sage Business Insights, you’ll have access to:

  • Business Insights Reporter

One of the key tactics for success in today’s competitive landscape is to employ a model of continuous improvement. To do this effectively, your company must make small, yet constant adjustments to your processes and procedures to better meet customer and internal needs for efficiency.

Of course, you’ll never know what to change—or the results of your changes—if you don’t have accurate, detailed, effective reports that help you understand how your business is improving over time, and where your ongoing challenges are.

Business Insights Reporter helps with this by providing robust, in-depth, easy-to-read reporting right when you want it.

  • Business Insights Dashboards

While reports are great for getting the detail-driven data you need to fully understand the whys and the hows behind your business performance, it does take a little bit of time to slice and dice the numbers, so you can visualize the whole picture.

Sometimes you don’t have time for all that report manipulation. Sometimes you need to see information immediately, so you can take advantage of emerging trends or avoid impending problems. This is where Business Insight Dashboards comes in handy.

With Business Insight Dashboards, which is also a part of the Sage Business Insights Suite, you’ll have the option to get at-a-glance reporting on the metrics that matter to you most. That way you’ll always have your finger on the pulse of your company’s current performance.

  • Business Insights Explorer

Reports are great. Dashboards are great. But combining the two? That’s super great! And that’s exactly what Business Insights Explorer does for you.

If you want to:

  • Query your data to find exactly the data you want
  • Assess the current and future state of your business with “What If”s
  • Customize your preferences and filters for data drill down
  • Quickly generate visual charts
  • Do all this with no programming skills required

…Then Sage Business Insights Explorer is the tool for you.

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