Paperless Electronic Document Management for Sage 100 Makes Paperclips Superfluous


Paper is so last century. It costs money to buy, requires filing time and storage space, and when you want to mail it, you need to buy a stamp. Not to mention: it also kills trees. Honestly, the only thing paper’s got going for it is that it takes time to transfer all your Sage 100 files to a paperless system. Or, at least, it used to take time.

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What Is Altec Electronic Document Management?

Altec document management is a paperless office solution that saves your team administrative time and paper costs by digitizing all your Sage 100 files for you. The add-on is seamlessly integrated with your Sage ERP to help you perform key document management tasks in your offices.

Doc-link by Altec helps you:

  • File and find all your Sage 100 documents instantaneously
  • Access files on your desktop, browser, or mobile device
  • Protect your files from loss or misfiling
  • Secure files so that only authorized individuals can see them
  • Track your document changes and access dates

Document Management: Much More Than a Digital Filing System

In addition to seamless storage and retrieval of your documents anywhere and any time, an effective document management solution like Altec drives productivity at your company by managing workflows and notifications, automating document delivery, eliminating data entry time, and more.

We assure you, you’ll be surprised (and a little upset) when you discover how much time you’ve been wasting on your resource-hogging paper files.


Register to learn more. Join us April 13, 2017 at 11:30 AM Pacific in the “Altec Document Management” Lunch-n-Learn Webinar, and find out how much your time and revenue savings will be once you switch to Altec doc-link. See you at the Lunch-n-Learn!