Superheroes Can Save the World (and Their Budgets) with Altec Document Management


In preparing for the upcoming Altec Document Management webinar, we got curious about paper usage. We wanted to know the facts about paper, so we went digging and found some scary statistics.

Check this out:

Each of those links contains many more statistics on paper and recycling, but what we read was enough to convince us: we should all go paperless.

And now you finally can because it’s extremely cost efficient.

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Who Knew Superheroes Had So Much Paperwork?

In our opinion, since you’re reading this blog post and you’re interested in building your company, you’re an office superhero. Because of you, employees have jobs, customers have products, and your entire industry is enriched.

But taking care of all those employees, customers, and industry requirements certainly does require a lot of paper-based organization. Since you have so much to take care of, you’re probably spending quite a bit on paper, filing time and storage space, postage and courier fees – and, of course, the lost time that arises from misplaced or damaged documentation.

It’s time to start saving big on those paper-based costs by transferring your files to Altec Document Management.

Altec Document Management: The Paperless Sage Solution

One of the market-leading document management solutions for Sage ERP, Altec Document Management, also known as DocLink, is a paperless office solution add-on for your Sage 100, Sage 500, or Sage X3 system.

Altec Document Management helps you:

  • Eliminate paper-based bottlenecks like AP invoice and contract approvals
  • Increase control and visibility of transactions while eliminating key strokes
  • Simplify processes by customizing forms (expense reports, HR on-boarding, credit card statements, new vendor requests, etc.)
  • Empower staff and customers to retrieve, edit, and approve documents instantly and easily, from any device

How Does Altec Help You Become a Superhero?

At this point, it should be pretty clear that Altec Document Management helps your company keep track of paperwork, streamline processes, and speed up approvals. But we still haven’t talked much about your superhero capabilities.

With Altec, you can increase your superhero skills by managing workflows and notifications, automating document delivery, eliminating data entry time, and more.

This will save your company time and money (which makes you a business hero), and it will also reduce your business’s paper impact significantly (which makes you an environmental hero.)

And everyone knows that business heroes who are also environmental heroes are commonly referred to as superheroes. (wink)

Actually, you become a superhero when you:

  • Increase your profits by driving down your costs
  • Improve efficiency companywide
  • Deliver better customer satisfaction along with a more professional presence
  • Protect our incredible planet

We started this article with some frightening statistics about paper usage. By definition, superheroes save people from frightening situations.

Back in the day, superheroes had to go through a lot of hassle to save people from scary circumstances, but these days, the wonders of modern technology mean you can be a superhero and cut down on hassle at the same time.

Rest assured. To be a modern superhero, you won’t have to untie someone from the train tracks (tough to fit into a busy schedule), you won’t have to beat up any smugglers (sounds like that’s a legal nightmare) and you won’t even have to shoot laser beams from your eyes (just ow). In fact, all you have to do to be a superhero these days is reduce your office paper usage by 10%.

Though it doesn’t sound like much, if all the U.S. paperless office superheroes got together and accomplished that modest goal, we could collectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1.6 million tons, which would be the equivalent of taking 280,000 cars off the road for a year and making our amazing planet healthier.

Ready to save the whole planet? That’s pretty superhero of you. Not even Superman was that impressive.


Register to join ISM on March 15, 2017 at 11:30 AM Pacific in the “Altec Document Management” Lunch-n-Learn Webinar and learn how little cost and time it takes to be a superhero when you choose Altec Document Management. (Note: wearing your cape is completely optional.)