Reduce Your Processing Fees for Credit Cards with the Vault Payment Plugin


If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, less costly alternative to processing credit cards for your Accounts Receivable, the ISM team is pleased to recommend their newest product: the Vault payment plugin for Sage 100 and Sage 500 ERP. Get more information about Vault in today’s post.

Find out more about this brand-new credit card processing solution and see it in action when you watch the quick, six-minute video.

What Is the Vault Payment Plugin?

Vault is a newly released alternative gateway for credit card processing that integrates with your Sage 100 or Sage 500 ERP system.

It’s important to note that the Vault payment plugin does not modify your stock Sage settings in any way, it simply redirects your credit card processing to a more affordable gateway option for your business. Rest assured, Vault does not retain credit card information that isn’t already stored in your stock Sage database.

What Does Vault Do?

In addition to making your payment processing more cost effective, Vault also makes it easier with:

  • Flexible payment processing – Takes care of deposits, pre-authorizations, and partial payments
  • Less paperwork for you – Sage integration provides automatic updates to your invoices and balances to save you time

Easy Installation, Seamless Integration

When you first install the Vault payment plugin, your system will install a new DLL that redirects your credit card payments to the Vault gateway. Again, Vault does not modify your Sage settings or libraries, it simply redirects the payment-processing gateway so you can take advantage of reduced processing fees for your transactions.

The installation process is simple and, once the Vault gateway is set up, it’s nearly indistinguishable from your traditional Sage settings (except it’s really easy to use and it costs you less in payment processing).

Check Out Vault in Action

This in-depth, six-minute video introduces you to various Vault procedures, including:

  • Program access from your Sage 100 system
  • The setup process
  • Configuring your company logins
  • Vault credit card processing functions:
    • Adding a new credit card
    • Sale transaction in A/R invoicing
    • Sales order / sales invoicing
  • Void and batch processes

Tailor Your System with ISM Seamless Payment Integration Options

The Vault payment plugin is only one of the payment processing solutions from ISM, each of which enhance and improve the functionality of your Sage 100 or Sage 500 ERP system while reducing your processing charges.


Contact ISM to learn more about how you can save money on payment transaction processing with the Vault payment plugin – without having to learn a new system.