Check Out the New, Intelligent Features in Sage 100 2017


Happy New Year! This new year brings a world of possibility for your business growth, including new clients, new opportunities, new expansion possibilities, new partners… oh, and new challenges too. Bummer.

One of the unfortunate facts of business (and life in general) is that your path will be filled with obstacles. Smart business owners overcome or avoid these challenges with smart strategies – including using intelligent software that saves time, like the all-new Sage 100 2017.

What’s New In Sage 100 2017?

It’s a smart idea to stay up-to-date with your software and Business Care Plan so you can take full advantage of this year’s collection of enhancements, including:

  • ACH Transactions

Waiting for checks is a drag, and losing checks in the mail is a hassle. You know what’s the worst? Implementing a credit hold because a check bounced – or rather, hitting your own credit hold because your bank didn’t have the funds you expected. Ouch.

Get paid faster and identify payment failures immediately when you expand your payment processing options to include electronic checks, also known as ACH.

  • In-Product Chat Help

At this point, we all use online customer service chat pretty often. Not only is it usually faster than the phone, it also gets us tailored answers – without having to suffer through mind-numbing Muzak. Here’s an innovative idea: what if, instead of customer service chat, companies offered help chat that connected you with real people—with real answers—whenever you had a question?

It’s not science fiction, it’s the all-new in-product chat help in your Sage 100 2017 system, which you can use to get real-time answers from real human beings, right from within your Sage system. Wow.

  • Faster, Smarter Reporting

The Sage Intelligence reporting utility tool (included with Sage 100c 2017) makes it a breeze to download new report templates that help you get a better view of what your company is doing well, and how your company can improve.

If one of your New Year’s goals is to grow your company (c’mon, you know it is), having intelligent information about your progress will help you achieve that goal faster.

  • Credit Card Verification

Reduce your payment-processing time when you import stored commodity codes, making it easy to track and identify your Sales Order items without so much tedious busy work.

  • Expanded Search

Imagine this: You’re looking for something in your Sage 100 2017 system, and you don’t quite know where it is. You’ve navigated to this section before, or your co-worker showed it to you on a screen share… but you can’t find it right now. And you have a report due to your boss in 20 minutes. And the reason you need to access this screen is because it’s your first new day in your new promotion. And you think you left the oven on at home.

Okay, maybe I got a bit out of control there. Your Sage 100 system can’t help you with your oven (maybe call a neighbor?), but it can help you find things in your accounting program with full-text search, auto-fill search queries, and role-based results that keep your search results secure and relevant. Phew! At least that report is done now.

  • Familiar Touches

Get used to the layout of Sage 100 2017 quickly and train new employees fast with the familiar touches we’re all used to in our software. From a recognizable ribbon-based search to intuitive file-based navigation, your new Sage ERP helps you get the exact information you want – in the easiest way possible.

Are You Missing Out?

Feel like you’re ready to plan smart and increase your productivity in 2017? Make your New Year’s resolution to update your Sage software so you, too, can modernize your cash flow process, offer multiple payment options, and make it easier for your employees to become power users.


Preparing your business for the remaining eleven months of the year – now that’s an intelligent move. Contact ISM to learn more about Sage 100 2017 and to schedule your upgrade. (Plus, if you’re on plan, you can upgrade to Sage 100c for a great deal!)