Put the Magic Back into Holiday Mail with Shipping Link for Sage 100


The holiday madness is right on the heels of the falling leaves outside your office window and you know that once those holiday orders start rolling in, they won’t stop until the season is over. That’s right: the holidays are here and you won’t get any rest until every single order has been successfully delivered to every single customer.

Actually, you could get some rest this holiday season. All you need is Shipping Link for Sage 100. Contact ISM to get this handy software working for you before the year-end shipping rush.

A Question of Accountability

If a customer doesn’t receive their order, they won’t complain to UPS or FedEx, they’ll complain to you. And late, damaged, or stolen packages will be your responsibility, and yours alone. After all, in the eyes of the customer you’re the one responsible for making sure that orders safely reach their buyers.

Give your service team the insight that enables them to calm, pacify, satisfy, and please even the most Grinchy of holiday customers, and conquer every shipping query the easy way. How? With Shipping Link for Sage 100, of course!

True Holiday Service Satisfaction

As the owner of an SMB, you know that customer satisfaction is crucial. You also know the many ways in which things can go wrong during the rush of the holiday season. Anything from a slip of a finger in data entry to the unfortunate misreading of a label can leave your service team scratching their heads and scrambling for answers.

With Shipping Link for Sage 100, all the answers concerning the whereabouts of every package will be literally one button click away.

Seriously. It’s that easy.

All you need to do is select the package in Sage 100 and click the button that says “Tracking.”

Wasted time and unnecessary frustration are so yesterday. When you choose a future with Shipping Link for Sage 100, you’ll never need to wonder where packages are during the holiday season. You’ll always know.

More Than Just Information at Your Fingertips

In addition to increasing the level of customer service your team is able to provide, you will also save time, money, energy, and stress. In fact, according to an informal survey we just completed in our offices, we can say that 100% of surveyed employees agree that they want less stress at their workplace during the holidays.

Alleviate that holiday stress with the benefits of Shipping Link for Sage 100:

  • Simplifies freight charge entry during invoicing
  • Ships multiple sales orders in the same package or packages
  • Offers instant display for tracking information
  • Integrates Sage 100 Sales Order with UPS Online WorldShip and FedEx Ship Manager software

Cut data entry time in half. Cut tracking time in half. Give everyone, from your staff to your customers, a much-deserved present. Inject your business with a little bit of magic by relieving some of your workplace stress this holiday season.


Contact ISM to learn how you can easily and quickly make sure every order is accounted for this holiday season. Yes, you can still get it installed in time for the holiday rush!