Plan Your Path through the Holiday Rush with the Sage 100 Inventory Module


You already know how important it is to accurately and quickly manage your inventory. That’s why you decided to invest in the flexible and powerful Sage 100 inventory module that helps you run your warehouse more efficiently. But if you’d like a refresher course on how you can use this tool to its greatest effect during your holiday rush, we recommend that you take an hour out of your busy week to check out this informative webinar.

Make it easier to manage inventory in Sage 100. Join ISM at next week’s Lunch-n-Learn webinar on Thursday, September 14, 2017 at 11:30 AM Pacific and save time with your inventory management module in Sage 100. Register here.

What Will I Learn in the Sage 100 Inventory Module Webinar?

The powerhouse inventory module for Sage 100 helps your business streamline inventory processing so you can stay ahead of orders and move larger numbers of stock with confidence and speed – but the system can be complex to use, and you or your staff may want a refresher.

This customer-focused Lunch-n-Learn webinar from ISM will remind you about (or introduce you to) the helpful functions your module can do. In addition to receiving expert tips for optimizing the inventory management process, you’ll also learn how to use the Sage 100 Inventory module to:

  • Handle complex customer pricing and vendor price level maintenance
  • Perform an advanced physical count
  • Deal with and sell more kits
  • Change item valuations
  • Change standard costs
  • Perform essential period end inventory functions

Use Your Inventory Module to Solve Inventory Puzzles

Taking control of your stock requires that you have a better understanding about how you can solve your unique inventory challenges. That’s why the Sage 100 Inventory module gives you essential data about your stock levels and movement, as well as your sales histories.

This informational knowledge, combined with the module’s comprehensive reporting capabilities, help you confidently drive growth by generating targeted sales and pricing strategies that match your specific consumers’ demand patterns.


Register to learn more about the inventory tool you can use to outpace your competition this holiday season. Join ISM on Thursday, September 14, 2017 at 11:30 AM Pacific for the “Navigate Your Sage 100 Inventory Module with Ease” Lunch-n-Learn webinar and find out how you can optimize your inventory handling with your Sage modules. We’ll see you there!