Sage X3 Version 11 Delivers New eCommerce and Project Management Functionality


Released March 6, 2017, the latest version of Sage X3 offers the user-friendly, easier-to-learn look and feel that the product has been steadily improving for years, plus some much-needed project management and eCommerce tools that will help your business compete even better in our consumer-driven, omnichannel age.

Project Management Tools Help You Stay on Track

Project management in Sage X3 version 11 helps your business plan and schedule future work and adds graphical chart functionality to provide at-a-glance knowledge for your team.

Sage X3 now includes project management tools including:

  • Comprehensive planning and scheduling for materials, resources, and cost tracking
  • Project analysis that helps you identify and build on strengths and reduce challenges
  • Optimization for scheduling, lead time, and planning
  • Automatic data collection (ADC) that tracks shop-floor activity by team to help you increase efficiency

eCommerce Capabilities Enhance Your Competitive Edge

Today’s main sales tools are well-built webpages that offer comprehensive information for prospective buyers, including direct consumers.

To give you a boost online, Sage X3 now offers:

  • Fast web store building and customization
  • Management for online catalogs, pricing, inventory, customers, and transactions – as part of core Sage X3 supply-chain functionality
  • Optimized container capacity for shipping

Upgraded Financials and Reporting Serve You Better

Agile businesses need the ability to slice and dice real-time data on the fly, but all this extra reporting calls for report automation so you can save time and collect data when you need it.

Expanded financial capabilities in Sage X3 version 11 provide:

  • Auto-generated transaction statements which match open items on unbalanced operations when importing bank statements
  • Easy-to-use Excel-based design tools that help you run informative Sage Intelligence reports
  • Automatic report running and distribution
  • Real-time inter-company consolidation with the right level of aggregation

There’s More!

This was by no means a comprehensive list of all the updates that Sage X3 version 11 offers; it was only a general introduction.

The new software version also includes updates to CRM and integrates with more complementary solutions, including a new WMS option for distributors, aggregated analytics processing, and a business-building construction and real estate tool – all of which are integrated with your Sage business management solution.

If you’re considering an upgrade to Sage X3, we recommend you check out the new promo video, which will give you a quick overview of what Sage X3 offers modern, global businesses.

Curious If Sage X3 Version 11 Will Work for You?

We know that upgrading isn’t the easiest process in the world (especially if you have customizations), so we’d be happy to help you understand more about Sage X3 version 11 before you commit.


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