adERP Re-Imagined as Sage X3 Enterprise Business Management


We have come a long way from the rigid, painfully complex enterprise resource planning solutions of old – you know…the ones from the 90s and 00s. While they kept businesses running efficiently, the structure of the software often also seemed to keep companies in their place. It was difficult to infuse flexibility and adaptability, so they were sometimes a challenge to anything but incremental growth.

But Sage X3 has removed the restrictive structure and remade ERP. The latest iteration offers flexibility, simplicity and speed. And because it lives in the cloud, users may take advantage of the benefits of ERP rebirth anywhere, any time.

Sage X3 reflects a mature ERP that adapts to evolving businesses, even if they never stop moving. Sage X3 was built for industry. It internalizes the day-to-day tasks as well as the year-over-year aspirations of manufacturers as diverse as nutraceuticals, fabricated metals, chemicals and technology devices.

It also features improved functionality for companies in retail and wholesale distribution, transportation logistics, consulting, and professional services – from advertising to equipment rental.

The modules may sound familiar. Old-school ERP has finance, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing and maybe sales and customer service components. But Sage X3 designed these functions as templates ready for customization to fit your unique workflows.

This new enterprise business management solution does not throw out incremental growth, but it revels in the big picture and readily accommodates even global expansion.


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