The old question of “cash or charge?” has been replaced today with the question “credit or debit?” Today, businesses have to deal with the fact that the days when cash was the payment of choice are long over. With their rewards systems, like airline miles or cash back, and their ease of use, credit and debit cards have become the payment option most of us reach for. As business owners, we enjoy the ease of using our credit cards to pay for services and products, but hesitate in accepting payments from the same cards because of costly credit card processing fees. So how can business adapt to handling credit cards on nearly every transaction while avoiding the increased expense of fees?

Sage Payment Solutions has become the solution for business that need to adapt to the reality that credit and debit cards are the main currency for shoppers today. It can go a long way in making the process a lot less painful and expensive.

Sage Payment Solutions is available for customers using Sage ERP 100, Sage 500 ERP and X3. The service can also be used for a standalone credit card processing for Point of Sale (POS) transactions. Sage Payment Solutions can integrate with your payment processing and Sage ERP.

> Increase your revenue with Sage Payment Solutions. They offer quick merchant account approvals and will customize a payment processing solution and fee structure that works for you.
Here are four important ways Sage Payment Solutions can help make credit card processing more cost effective.

1. Save Time & Money.
Instead of being processed in the traditional workflow of sales order – invoice – cash receipt, Sage Payment Solutions lets you process payments at the time the sales order is approved, even if it’s only a deposit. Benefits of this process include fewer changes by customers to the orders placed, less processing needed for cash receipts, earlier cash realization, and of course the enormous savings of virtually non-existent collections processing. These small workflow benefits add up hugely over time, and can lead to great long-term savings.

2. PCI Compliance.
If you process credit or debit cards for your business, you have probably already heard of PCI compliance. If not, it’s important that you immediately begin working to make sure your business is PCI compliant, since the penalties if you are caught or reported for noncompliance can be quite steep. PCI compliance is a mandatory requirement for credit card processing, and Sage Payment Solutions can help simplify the process. The purpose of PCI compliance is to ensure the security of credit card information. Sage Payment Solutions can help you meet all the credit card industry’s requirements for data security requirements and keep your customers’ sensitive information safe and secure. Paperwork will be reduced, and there will be no need for duplicate entries, saving you time and money. And you won’t have to pay expensive bank fees.

3. Sage Mobile Payments.
Sage Payment Solutions provides flexible options to process and accept credit and debit cards on a variety of mobile platforms. You can accept payments on Apple or Android mobile device with no limit on monthly credit card transactions. Sage provides secure and compliant processing solutions, including full PCI certification, merchant validation, and PIN protection. To make it even easier, these transactions will integrate with your Sage ERP system.

4. Rate Assessment.
Sage Payment Solutions can provide free analysis to show you their cost-saving rates. This can be an easy way to see what kind of savings you can expect to see over a business year.

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