Sage Inventory Services

Full line of On-site Physical Inventory Services

The trusted leader in fixed asset management now offers a full line of on-site physical inventory services.
Research has shown that the average organization’s fixed assets register is off by 15% to 30% because of assets that are no longer usable, lost, or stolen. No matter how up to date your software is and how diligent you are at using it, if your inventory of fixed assets is inaccurate so are your books. More importantly, this can mean tax and insurance overpayments in the thousands, or even tens of thousands, of dollars each year.

Sage Fixed Assets, the brand used and trusted by over 100,000 customers and all top 15 CPA firms in the United States, now offers a complete line of fixed asset inventory services. Our team of experts can provide a fast and accurate physical inventory of your fixed assets using the latest barcode scanning and radio frequency ID (RFID) technology. Next, a thorough reconciliation will be completed against your current records—helping to ensure your books are in compliance and eliminate costly overpayments. We will even create a new or update your existing Sage Fixed Assets database.

Physical Inventory Services

  • Conducting a room-to-room physical inventory of your fixed assets.
  • Tagging any new assets found and record the details in your records.
  • Updating record details for existing assets, like noting a change in condition, location, or other attributes.
  • Completing a reconciliation of your updated inventory to your existing records.
  • Providing reports on your updated fixed asset listing, changes made to existing assets, and asset additions.
  • Reviewing findings and providing recommendations for cost savings and process improvements.
  • Providing you with a new or updated Sage Fixed Assets database, Excel, or CSV (comma separated values) file.

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