Report Writer Out-of-the-Box with Sage 100


Stock or generic reports rank as a top feature of small- to medium-size business ERP solutions. For many SMBs, Sage Intelligence reports represent their first consistently accurate, professional financial reporting. Sage Intelligence also includes non-financial reporting.

Sage Intelligence has several different components.

  • Report Manager is the core portal. In it you may run predefined reports or author more complex documents.
  • Report Viewer allows you to look at reports only. You can’t use it to design reports.
  • Security Manager helps you define report security.
  • License Manager is where you manage and add users.
  • Connector leverages data containers or pre-grouped series of tables. Select a data container to populate the report. Or combine data containers for advanced reports.

The basic interface in Report Manager runs the reports that come with Sage Intelligence. But you may use cut-and-paste to modify these reports, too.

Existing reports will be locked. But if you copy them to your local drive, you can edit and upload them to Sage 100 as revised reports. Differently colored icons mark standard and “union” reports. Union reports include more than one report. They obviously are more advanced than out-of-the-box reports.

To get started with Sage Intelligence, find the report you want. Then copy it with a right mouse click or by using the Copy button in the toolbar. Your report can keep the same name as the originating report. Ultimately it will have a unique, automatically assigned report ID.


For more information, view the on-demand Sage Intelligence for Sage 100 webinar.