What Is Sage Intelligence Reporting?


Sage Intelligence Reporting is a Sage 100 module and Microsoft FRx replacement that pulls data from Sage 100 into Microsoft Office Excel so that you can easily understand and manipulate it.

With Sage Intelligence Reporting, you can automatically run and distribute fully customizable reports in Microsoft Office Excel, so you spend more time analyzing the data and less time locating and preparing it.

You have the choice to either customize the ready-to-use reports or create new reports to suit your business’s unique requirements, ensuring that visibility of your information is always just a click away.

Reports are accurate and up to date, and allow you to see the data immediately, without having to export data or manually create reports.

KPIs give you a pulse of your business, while drill-down capabilities allow you to see the data that makes up the numbers and have an impact on your decisions.

You will also enjoy full control over your financial reports with a drag-and-drop Report Designer tool that is exclusive to Intelligence Reporting.


What Can Sage Intelligence Reporting Do for You?


The module provides many benefits, including:

  • Write and edit reports using Excel quickly and easily
  • Consolidate data from different companies, divisions, and databases
  • Automate your reporting and report distibution process
  • Gain instant visibility into your business so you can discover, explore, and analyze trends and spot critical inflection points
  • Spend less time pulling data together so you can spend more time analyzing and interpreting your information
  • Design in-depth customized financial, operational, customer, and vendor reports specifically for your business
  • Build dashboards to spot trends
  • Create and manage your financial reporting with drag-and-drop formulas

Standard “out of the box” reports include:

  • Financial Trend Analysis
  • General Ledger Transaction Detail
  • Inventory Status
  • Vendor Purchases
  • Customer Sales
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Trial Balance
  • Dashboard Analysis


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