How to Quickly Obtain Information from ERP with Sage ERP Intelligence


Now that the fourth quarter is upon us and the days speeding by toward the new year, operations and strategic plans for 2017 may be all but implemented.

Your forecast for a bigger and better year than any before comes with a lot of strings attached. Those damned strings.

You need to make sure inside and outside sales reps are properly trained; marketing is in sync with growth targets and actively creating a strategy that will meet or exceed them; vendors have the inventory to meet your order quantities; and production is adequately and expertly staffed.

Sage ERP Intelligence Reporting can be a critical tool with which to manage all of these moving parts. It empowers users to quickly and easily obtain information in the existing ERP deployment and manipulate it without the manual, repetitive effort planning-by-Excel requires.

Still, after you trigger a report, you can push the ERP data into Microsoft Excel for easy distribution. These executions are dynamic so each time you drill down into the material, live data is extracted from the ERP database.

There are a number of easy-to-use formats to choose from to speed data-driven decision making or on-the-fly process corrections, including several iterations of financial income and balance sheet statements, general ledger trend analysis dashboards, KPI dashboards and departmental analysis reports.

Ready-to-run reports are constantly updated with the latest financial, operations, customer and vendor data to provide ROI reporting enterprise-wide or inform customizable dashboards for your big-picture trend analysis.

Sage ERP Intelligence Reporting is a module that integrates with Sage ERP in minutes in a simple click-and-run installation, so you don’t need an IT expert or a time scheduled for the enhancement to get deep in your data.


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