Reduce errors, improve efficiency, improve communications, and drive user adoption with Sage CRM Process Automation.


Functional and data silos can occur at companies of any size. Believe us; we’ve seen it all. With Sage CRM, though, your entire business’s activities are united in a single enterprise-wide resource, eliminating duplicate data, even if it is managed by separate entities. The comprehensive nature of Sage CRM solutions not only means reduced data redundancy but fewer errors in data sources.

Mistakes that come of manual processes like data entry, order search, pipeline management and sales follow up are reduced through the employment of process automation central to Sage CRM’s operations. By optimizing process automation within your Sage CRM solution, you set your business up to operate more fluidly, without bottlenecks that may be hard to identify when multiple departments or data sources play a role in a single process.

Among the processes that can be automated in Sage CRM are sales quote generation, pipeline tracking, sales follow up, sales and marketing coordination, targeted messaging, marketing campaign measurement and customer support.

We realize that each company has its own quirks and quagmires. Our consultants have the experience to address your particular process challenges with automation solutions and training that yields the best outcome for your company, across your company.

Automation makes you more competitive in a crowded marketplace. Informed, rapid customer service, for example, supported by rich CRM data, sets you apart as responsive and solutions-oriented in an era in which customer experience is critical.

So get back to business with a bang after the Labor Day holiday by attending the Sage CRM Process Automation webinar, hosted by our partner, Azamba Consulting Group. Discover the key elements of Sage CRM’s process automation. Learn process automation ins and outs, and the advantages that make your business more efficient.


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