Learn How to Enable Quicker, More Informed Business Decisions by Automating and Shortening the Budgeting and Planning Cycles

Is your company like many small and medium businesses that use Excel spreadsheets to manage their budgeting process?

If you are, then you probably dread the annual, manual, error-prone guessing game of managing multiple spreadsheets with limited visibility. And as your company grows, the spreadsheet budget process gets even worse since the process can’t scale. There are simply more and more spreadsheets that don’t link and don’t roll-up. And, no one is able to see the entire budget until all the spreadsheets are imported.

What is Sage Budgeting and Planning?

Sage Budgeting and Planning integrates with Sage 100 to streamline the budgeting and planning process, enabling you to free yourself from time-consuming spreadsheet mechanics and focus on strategic budgeting and planning.

You improve the flow of key information, such as business drivers and transaction data, through templates, automatic distribution and consolidation of the budget, central control over budget revisions, real-time seamless integration of data sources, and built-in security mechanisms.

With more control over your budgeting and planning process, you can create effective, more accurate budgets and forecasts, and render a true analysis of company performance.

Sage Budgeting and Planning accommodates your organizational structure and provides a purpose-built solution. Strong management capabilities allow for seamless integration of budget submissions from multiple departments, using “Plan Sheets” that have a familiar spreadsheet look and feel.

Some key features of Sage Budgeting and Planning include:

  • Integration with all enterprise data
  • Integration with General Ledger (GL)
  • Email notification
  • Spreadsheet-like control

If you subscribe to Sage 100c, you receive one free full license for Sage Budgeting and Planning (think of this as the “power-user” tool used to design and manage the budget process) plus 3 free web-view licenses, so other people can review the budget.

What Does the Webinar Cover?

View the on-demand overview demo of Sage Budgeting and Planning, you will learn how to:

  • Take command of your budget
  • Control access to sensitive data
  • Integrate your budget with Sage 100
  • Access your information quickly and easily
  • Automatically update users on activity in the planning process
  • Shorten planning cycles and improve decision making
  • Gain more powerful insight from analysis features
  • Plus more!



View the “Sage Budgeting and Planning” on-demand webinar.