Get Free Licenses and Money Off with the Great Q3 Promos for Sage 100


Congratulations! You’ve made it through half the year! Since all our ISM clients rock, we’re sure your business is going strong, your sales team is doing great, and numbers are up. Ready to push those numbers up more?

Updated software can increase your efficiency, improve companywide productivity, and boost your mobile sales opportunities… And right now, updated software comes with a discount.

Increase your business success with limited-time promotions for Sage 100 ERP.

Sage 100 Promotions for Q3

This quarter, you have two options to save on your software upgrade. No matter which option you choose, you’ll have until September 25, 2017 to take advantage of one of these great opportunities.

Choose the statement below that best describes you to learn which offer you’re eligible for.

  • I am a Sage on-plan customer.

If you’re on plan with your Sage Business Care account, you’re eligible for a free user license for Sage 100. When you purchase four user licenses, you’ll receive a free fifth user license that you can use however you want – no restrictions.

Remember, this deal expires on Sept. 25, so contact ISM soon to learn how you can get your free user license.

  • I am a Sage 100 perpetual license customer and I am not on plan.

As a Sage perpetual license customer, you own a purchased copy of Sage 100 that you bought some time ago. At this point, you no longer have a current Sage Business Care plan and your software is becoming increasingly out of date.

Good news! In Quarter 3, you have the option to save 25% on product licenses when you get back on plan and upgrade your Sage 100 system to Sage 100c. This means you can get all-new, full-featured software with very little initial investment.

Yup, we just said very little initial investment.

Because Sage 100c offers convenient subscription-based pricing, you’ll have less to pay upfront for your brand-new ERP, yet you’ll get all the benefits of streamlined, modern business software that integrates with today’s top tools.

Note that if you’re running Sage 100 version 2014, your software will officially retire on September 30, 2017. To protect your business data, you’ll want to start planning your upgrade as soon as possible.

Set up your appointment with ISM so you can learn more about Sage 100c.

Do I Need to Be On Plan with Sage Business Care?

As you’ve probably noticed, your software works just fine when you’re not on plan with a Sage Business Care account. However, you’re missing out on the wide range of on-plan benefits such as:

  • The ability to get critical software upgrades
  • Tax table updates
  • Increased Sage support
  • Discounts on training and tools
  • Tutoring and knowledgebase access

Of course, even if you’re not on plan, ISM will still be here to support you when you need help.

Get Your Sage 100 Upgrades in Quarter 3

If you’ve been on the fence about your upgrades or new software purchases, now is a great time to discuss your options. Get in touch with ISM to find out more about the Q3 promotions for Sage 100.


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