ISM’s Business Continuity Seminar Helps You Take Care of Your Business Data and Your Time


Your time is valuable. You’re very busy running your business. At this point, it’s almost the end of Q1, and you’ve got a lot of strategic planning ahead to help you start Q2 strong.

You’ve got a lot on your mind, but there’s one thing you forgot to do:

You forgot to register for the business continuity lunch seminar from ISM.

Luckily, there’s still time.

And we’d love to have you there.

Join ISM for a free seminar on business continuity protection here in Portland, Oregon, with included lunch and networking for free. It’s all happening March 15, 2018, from 11:30 – 1:30 at the Boundary Social Club. Seating is limited, so please reserve your spot in advance.

Wait, What Seminar Is This?

This is an in-person seminar that includes a delicious lunch and great networking opportunities (and it’s all free!). The seminar is only available to clients in the Portland, OR area.



“Ransomware, Business Continuity, and Cloud Strategy” Seminar

(includes lunch and networking)


March 15, 2018, 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM



126 SW Mitchell Street (at SW Corbett Avenue)

Portland, Oregon




This Seminar Is Actually a Pretty Big Deal

Of course, we completely understand why you forgot to register. These things happen. What with the pace of business these days and the unpredictable weather lately, we know how hard it is to keep track of everything at your company.

And that’s exactly why you need business continuity protection.

In order to stay ahead of the competition, you and your employees must seamlessly handle client requests that change from minute to minute, and that requires a lot of multitasking on your part.

The problem is, we humans are notoriously bad at multitasking.

Science Explains Why You Forgot About This Seminar

Studies show that when we divide our attention between various actions (multitask), we end up neglecting to pay full attention to each single thing we must do. Plus, since every new thing we focus on disrupts our attention span, multitaskers often find themselves being less productive. (Ironic, we know.)

That lowered productivity means we start falling behind and forgetting things, which makes us multitask more in an effort to catch up… and, in general, it’s a vicious cycle.

By the way, did you notice what we said in the previous paragraph? Multitasking makes us forget things. Like this seminar, for instance, or like backing up critical files, updating software patches, or checking to see if one of your business associates really did send you that unexpected invoice or if it’s actually a bogus attachment trying to infect you with ransomware.

At your business, it’s extremely important that you remember to back up your files, keep your security up to date, and treat all downloads with caution. Why? Because if you happen to forget to do even one of these things, and then your business gets hit with a cyberattack or a natural disaster, you stand to lose a lot.

Forgetting Something Important Can Be Dangerous…

Of course, the odds of anything going wrong because you forgot something are pretty low. Or, rather, they used to be pretty low. These days, experts predict that more than two-thirds of businesses will fall victim to a cyberattack in 2018 and we recently discovered that natural disasters are disturbingly likely here in Portland.

Don’t believe us about the natural disasters? This [rather unwieldy] state-run site helps you check your business address’s specific risk for various natural disasters. Apparently, the ISM offices have a “very high” risk of getting hit with an earthquake and a “moderate” risk of landslide. (Good thing we use business continuity!)

When you have full backups of all your business data, that cyberattack or natural disaster may only be a small annoyance, but if you’ve forgotten to back up your files, you’ll have a costly hassle on your hands. And every minute it takes you to sort out that costly hassle will be another minute of expensive business downtime.

…Which Is Why ISM Makes It Easy to Remember the Important Stuff

We all forget to do regular backups. Every one of us. In fact, it’s so common that it’s probably just an unmentioned part of the human condition.

That’s why savvy business leaders use business continuity services to take care of their backups and disaster recovery for them easily, seamlessly, reliably, regularly, and unobtrusively.

And you can learn about business continuity (deliciously!) in the lunch and learn seminar from ISM. The seminar will also feature information about:

  • How to protect you and your company from ransomware
  • Effective backup strategies and techniques
  • How to determine the best 5-year cloud strategy for you

Oh, and, in case you haven’t heard, attendees at the seminar will also get a chance to win a free Chromebook. It’ll be a small group, so the odds are definitely in your favor.


Register now to join ISM at the Boundary Social Club in Portland, OR and learn all about business continuity services for your business. We’ll see you on March 15!