Make Smarter Decisions with the Insight of Sage 100


Running a business is a learning process and a learning experience. Think back to when you first started. Consider how many things you would have done differently if only you’d known then what you know now. Hindsight sure is 20/20, huh?

In the future, you can skip that whole “hindsight” thing. Find out how Sage 100 can help you make smarter decisions at your company today.

Saving Is Smart

SMB owners agree that visibility is a key factor in determining future success. However, without the right tools, gaining in-depth insight can cost you a lot in terms of energy, time, and resources.

What you need is all the important insight, when you want it, right at your fingertips. No more compiling spreadsheets.

With Sage 100 Intelligence Reporting, you’ll get a single source of information for full business visibility. This saves your business time, money, and frustration.

When you have an intuitive business intelligence solution capable of extracting important information directly from your Sage 100 ERP, and then transferring it back into your customized, interactive Excel spreadsheet in real time, your company will finally have the information you need – right when you need it.

Effortlessly view the real-time progress on key performance indicators (KPIs) that matter the most to your company’s success, using a seamlessly automated system that increases productivity for you and your staff.

Integration Is Smart

For decades, Microsoft Excel has been the business standard for charting and reporting company information through spreadsheets.

Therefore, in terms of business maneuvers, it would seem that integrating the most familiar technology into your new business intelligence software, in order to optimize your business ability and performance, would probably be a super intelligent decision.

Say Hello to Increased Intelligence

When you choose Sage 100 Intelligence Reporting, you can make one of the smartest decisions for your business by saving time and increasing productivity through seamless integration with Microsoft Excel. This allows you to compile up-to-date data into a meaningful interactive report that tells you exactly what you want to know, in the exact way you want to visualize it.

That’s some pretty intelligent software.

And you’re a pretty intelligent business owner.

Not only is Sage 100 Intelligence Reporting fast and helpful, it’s also extremely accurate because it delivers information directly from your Sage system into Excel, which means you’ll:

  • Save time on duplicate data entry
  • Reduce troublesome data errors
  • Improve staff productivity

Sage 100 Intelligence Reporting is the solution that finally gives you the freedom to analyze and interpret data on your schedule, so you can make confident, well-informed decisions that drive your company forward at critical moments.

Intelligence Lies in the Information

You make all of your decisions based on the information that you have. But what if the information you’re looking at isn’t complete? What if you don’t have all the facts and you’re not seeing the whole picture?

Sage 100 can get you all the information you need in one place so you see the whole picture and stay agile by making the best decisions for your business instantly.

Now that’s what we call smart.


Download your copy of the white paper “Unlocking the Door to Complete Business Visibility” and get the facts about making smarter business decisions with ease.